As part of their effort to get viewers caught up after the overly long hiatus that the writers’ strike caused, ABC has been providing their hit shows with special videos available online at Among the recaps are what ABC is calling “starcrossed” which feature 2 actors from different ABC shows interviewing each other. The first features Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives and Christina Applegate of Samantha Who. They are very funny and actually a good watch. The second video features Dave Annable of Brothers & Sisters and Chyler Leigh from Grey’s Anatomy. Their interview is actually kind of boring, but one thing makes it interesting: the reason these two were paired together for the video is that they used to be co-stars on a brilliant but cancelled FOX mystery show called Reunion.

Reunion was incredibly addictive and had everyone I know on the edge of their seats for half a season until it was prematurely cancelled. The producers were never given a chance to solve the mystery for the audience. The cast of Reunion was a noteworthy one. They were all incredibly beautiful and engaging talents who were either coming off a hit TV show or went on to star in one: Matthew St. Patrick was coming off of huge success on Six Feet Under. Will Estes and Sean Farris were well known for their respective brilliant but cancelled series before Reunion (American Dreams and Life as we Know it), Alexa Davalos and Amanda Righetti had both experienced success as recurring guest stars on massive hits like Angel and The OC. Dave Annable and Chyler Leigh, however, have since experienced incredible success, landing themselves principle roles in two of ABC’s best shows and biggest hits.

In Reunion Annable and Leigh played best friends who were dancing around the issues of unrequited love and sexual tension between them. They also played cynical and weathered older versions of their characters under investigation for murdering their former best friend. The two were my favourite characters on Reunion and it was great to see them together again.

PS: Though its cancellation opened up Dave Annable to join the Walker family which will always be a blessing, let Reunion stand as an example of why FOX is the worst network in existence. Its cancellation policies are out of control and detrimental to the television landscape. (for more examples see Wonderfalls, Arrested Development, Kitchen Confidential and countless others).