Kenneth (on voting): “it’s a sin to choose so I just write in the lord’s name”
Jack (reply): “that’s Republican, we count those”

Tracey: “now, if you’ll excuse me Nixon asked me to take some stuff off his wikipedia page”

Liz: “if reality TV’s taught us anything it’s that you can’t keep people with no shame down”

-Jack tries to make Tracey the new black celebrity face of the Republican party until he realizes that black people will never vote Republican so he has Tracey encourage black people not to vote at all. VERY FUNNY!!!

-Liz almost succumbs to the allure of her loser ex-boyfriend when he re-enters her life after saving someone from being hit by the subway. They reminisce over their first meeting (wondering why “The Hours” isn’t called “The weeks” it’s so long) and the time they spent making fun of joggers in the park (“I’m gonna run around in a circle so I can live longer”). QUITE FUNNY!!-Kenneth bonds with an aged TV star who tells him bizarre stories of his times at NBC. A LITTLE LESS BUT STILL PRETTY FUNNY!YAY FOR THE FUNNY!!!!!!!!! This show continues to impress.