I would first like to chastise The CW online because they are the only network that posts new episodes of shows almost a full week after they air. I am never fully caught up on One Tree Hill, Aliens in America or Gossip Girl until well after they’ve been spoiled. Smarten Up CW.

That said, today I was finally able to access this week’s 100th One Tree Hill episode. It was everything a One Tree Hill episode should be- beautiful people doing ridiculous things as if they were normal things to do and every once in awhile making big, inspirational speeches to one another. This episode centered around Lucas’ wedding that everyone and their dog knew wouldn’t happen. There was something to do with his second book, a comet and Peyton’s car that somehow resulted in Lindsay running away after Lucas said “I do”.

So basically it’s a countdown to when Peyton and Lucas officially go for it. Lucas’ mom Karen also returned. Apparently she’s back together with Andy, the cute Australian guy she broke up with a couple seasons ago, and everyone in Tree Hill couldn’t be more excited to see her. The episode also featured what seems to have become a weekly staple while Nathan and Haley are on the rocks- a Jamie crisis. The evil nanny kissed Nathan, OK get to the point, Haley kissed Chris Keller- why is this such an issue? It seems, however, that the writers of this show are not content with anyone being happy so they had to make Haley overreact and be crazy. How do they explain her crazy amount of crazy? SOLUTION: Throw Jamie in the pool face-down and have her blame Nathan. But the audience loves Haley and Nathan together so they have to get back together… SOLUTION: have crazy evil nanny kidnap Jamie and have the crisis bring them back together. Turns out Jamie’s not a character, he’s a plot device. Unfortunate really, he is awfully cute and has had some lovely moments when paired with the right cast members (he works incredibly well with Brooke and Skills for example), he shouldn’t have to be just a plot device. Anyway, evil Dan saved Jamie from evil Nanny so now everyone needs to like him again. Nothing special. Then again, it IS  One Tree Hill and I’m OK with it so long as they keep Chad and James hot, Jamie cute, Brooke in great clothes and Peyton producing great music.