OK, it’s one thing to be an evil manipulator. You can lie, cheat, steal and stab people in the back all you want in Big Brother and chances are I’ll love you all the more for it. But you CANNOT do all that and preach honesty and loyalty the rest of the time. From the first week he had power James has been lying to people (he told Matt he wouldn’t put him up the second week in the house and did anyway). Whenever he doesn’t have power James spouts on and on about how people have stabbed him in the back and lied to his face, etc… James, first of all: SHUT UP. No one cares if your feelings were hurt and second of all: WALK THE WALK. You are exactly everything you say you can’t stand in everyone else. Those are the worst kind of people. Putting Matty on the block after you promised the honest hearted Natalie that you wouldn’t was a despicable move. Especially since it was Natalie you promised (the person who is responsible for you being back in the house and who would never hurt a fly) and not Matt himself.

If Matt goes Ill be incredibly mad- he amuses me. and Natalie (my favourite player) will be heartbroken. I like Ryan but I suppose he’ll have to go (idiot James has provided no alternative). Big Brother: why are my favourite players always gone? Why, by the end of the season, am I stuck watching the likes of Dick and Daniele? Especially considering that if your twists ever worked the way they should James would have been gone a long time ago, it would be people like Chelsia, Sharon and Josh on the block and Alex would be back in the house (I wouldn’t complain at all about the stupidity of the house guests or the unfairness of the game if that were the current situation). At this rate Josh (devil incarnate) will win the game- what? or perhaps Sharon, the most boring player EVER. Or maybe hypocrite James will win and use the money to start up his own porn empire or open an inappropriate-for-network-television tattoo parlor.

This season sucks. Someone PLEASE get James out of power. As Matt would say “never trust a kid with pink hair”. Wise words Boston, wise words.