For once, in the history of voting on reality TV shows, America does exactly the right thing. Alex is voted back into the Big Brother house with Parker coming in second place. Perfect choices. Both were strong players with a lot of charisma and potential as strategists who were voted out because of their partners. Excellent choice America.

Now, in an interesting approach, Big Brother gives the house guests the opportunity to vote for either the evictee of the week (James) or the mystery person voted for by America to return to the game. Not a bad twist, if you trust the house guests to make it interesting.

But making the right choice is not a strength of this particular lot. They are perhaps… no, scratch that, they are DEFINITELY the most idiotic group of players all to be assembled in one reality TV house EVER. Instead of voting for the mystery house guest (who was just as likely to be an ally as an enemy and who definitely would have less fresh eviction wounds) to return, 5 out of 8 voted to have James return though they had just lied to him, stabbed him in the back and voted him out 5 to 1. They also put ZERO thought into who America would choose to bring back. Sharon wanted James back so her ex wouldn’t come back instead (Jacob being the most hated player in BB history, she clearly thinks America is sinister) and Josh was scared it would be Allison even though the general consensus was that she was crazy. It seemed blatantly obvious to me that America would bring back one of the cute, charming, interesting boys instead of a villain who would wreak havoc on their evictors. The House guests, evidently, couldn’t see that and thus decided to bring back James (who CLEARLY hates them all). Oh YAY!!!!

PS: SOOOOO unfair to Alex!!! They need to find a loophole and bring him back. I just need someone I like back in that house so I don’t throw things at the television set.