Alright that’s it. She make talk like an airhead, she may have funny googly eyes, she may have big fake boobs and no self respect when it comes to men but BB9’s Natalie’s got guts and guns. The girl has proven in the past that she’s a tough one to beat in competitions but this week’s HOH competition revealed her to be perhaps a tougher competitor than even All Star Janelle… and she’s fiercely loyal. Natalie always thinks twice before going back on her word and would do anything to save her ally Matty. That’s going to be a big coup for her since this strategically dumb house places such a value on honesty and loyalty.

I’ve said before that Matt is the best player in the house because he’s the only one showing any semblance of strategy. He may, in fact, still win, but not on his own merits. If Matty gets to the end it’ll be on the heels of the girl who’s puppy love is more powerful than his strategy. In fact, at this point, Natalie’s my pick to win it. Matt’s basic strategizing combined with her competition prowess and intense loyalty might get them to the end (if they manage to avoid the big target that’s perpetually on Matt’s back). Natalie might even make it to the final 2 on her own (she’s below the strategic radar, a fierce competitor, a good ally and easily swayed when it comes to voting- they’ll keep her in a good long while). If she does make the final 2 I think Natalie’s got the prize sewn up. Her selfless strength that she showed this week has the whole house on her side and she’s never going to royally screw anyone over- an inspiration for Bikini Barristas everywhere!!! God help us all.

As for James (the recently evicted, stupidly voted back in, vengeful HOH), he’s nominated Ryan and Sheila for eviction after he promised Natalie he wouldn’t put up her or Matty (every word out of James’ mouth that isn’t a curse word has something to do with honoring your promises, though he’d already stabbed Matt in the back by week 2). Ryan successfully backdoored him so that’s understandable (though it was actually an excellent show of game play on Ryan’s part, the unfair twist just screwed him over a bit) and Sheila’s proven she’s not to be messed with. That said, I need the veto to be used to save one of these 2 somewhat entertaining players and someone to PLEASE kick out Adam or Sharon (they irritate AND bore me to tears) or Josh (who is the devil).

And now for my traditional Alex lament: ALLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!

Why oh why do they let these people make decisions? BB is the least fair game in the history of unfair reality television games.