yet another Big Brother update:

– Natalie is kicking butt in Matt’s absence. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and James was up to some serious scorning last week. Now he shall pay. She turned Adam around on his stupid idea to nominate Sheila with strategic numbers talk, performed well in the luxury challenge (and it was a mental challenge!) AND figured out the week’s twist without a single prompt. This woman will win and if she doesn’t it will be yet another example in a long tradition of undeserving winners.

– James needs to 1) buy pants that fit and 2) buy pants that aren’t purple 3) try not to be a hypocrite and 4) learn not to be an idiot overreacting idiot and just play the game

Chelsia needs to 1) adhere to parts 3 and 4 of James’ advice and 2) lay off the self-tanner

– Ryan is kinda cool. I’m sad he didn’t win the prize pack- he was great in the competition.