This episode redeemed Matt a little. It showed him clearly playing the game hard. It showed him having a heart to heart with Natalie and taking a step towards perhaps giving her a little respect (since affection seems completely out of the question). He even attempted taking a page out of the Chilltown hand book in ShowmancingSharon (she gained her first points of the season with me for seeing through him but not letting on- she may be boring, she may be useless, she may be unlikeable, but at least she’s not letting herself be completely played).

The problem is that he’s not a very good player. He’s just the best player in the house at the moment. Is this what we’ve come to? This guy wouldn’t have lasted 2 weeks in almost any other Big Brother House. Why is this season so badly cast?

Here’s hoping that Sheila and Adam go tonight, Parker or Alex comes back, Allison takes over and is able to show off some of the game play that seems like she might have hidden beneath stupid mistake after stupid mistake.

But more importantly- let’s do a better job casting the summer season. Where’s the master manipulator Dr. Will (S2,S7)? Where’s the covert strategist Danielle (S3,S7)? Where’s the brazen and secretly brilliant bombshell Jen (S8)? Where’s the competition queen Janelle (S6, S8)?, Where’s the cute and confused Nick (S8)?, the hilarious narcissist Jase (S5, S8)?, the Gnome adopting Drama Queen Marcellas (S3, S7)?, the southern belle drunk Amy (S3)?, the sleep talking Eric (S3)?, the evil Alison (S4, S7)?, the lovable BB expert Erik (S8)? WHERE HAVE ALL THE INTERESTING PEOPLE GONE???? Season 8 was one of the best casts yet (Donatos excepted), what happened with Season 9?