1) I hate Jen. If Ryan stays with her after watching the show he is truly pathetic

2) thank god she’s gone. Ill miss Parker, I really liked him but Jen managed to make me go from liking her to really hating her in a matter of minutes so I’m glad they got evicted.

3) Joshuah’s an asshole. Chelsia had a reason to be angry with Amanda, she was doing nothing differently than Parker had so many times before but Joshuah had NO reason to attack Amanda. He went to Evil Dick proportions and then surpassed them with the comment about Amanda’s dad’s suicide. Maybe Neil left because he realized that Josh was an asshole and couldn’t take him any more.

4) Good on Allison for her behaviour this week. Not only was she the one to get Josh away from Amanda but she also comforted her, stood by Ryan when Jen was throwing him under the bus and handled the chopping block with grace. Ive made a 180 on her in the past week, she’s near the top of my list now.

5) speaking of the top of the list- Ive been really liking James and Chelsia so far, with HOH they’ll actually get some screen time which will be nice this week.

6) poor Alex. he’s great and will suffer because his partner’s a little nuts. she handled the whole blowup surprisingly well though so deserves dome credit. it was completely unfair of Julie to ask the questions she did in the HOH room- tactless.

7) I don’t like Sharon. I have nothing more to say on the subject

8) boring HOH competition- who cares.

9) since they revealed that Jacob and Sharon had been in sequester before Neil left perhaps they’re planning to bring someone back in mid-season. I want Parker back in. He seemed like he could go really far and possibly win.

10) with the help of Allison, Sheila is growing on me.

11) THIS GAME IS SOOOOO NOT FAIR- otherwise good players suffer on account of their partners (Parker’s gone, Alex is in trouble, etc…), Jen and Ryan had an advantage (which they wasted because Jen’s an idiot but whatever)- big brother was never fair (the twists usually backfire and result in unfair advantages) but this is RIDICULOUS.

12) the teams that seem to be working the best are the ones that consist of people who would be out the first week if it weren’t a partner game. they make each other better and can work as a team which is why they’ll go far in this screwed up version (most notably Matt and Natalie though James and Chelsia are also masters of the team work though also decent on their own. Chelsia’s lecture about how her and James are one showed that she really gets it and knows how to work with the twist that’s thrown at her).