Matt & Natalie and Alex & Amanda nominated by James and Chelsia.

Matt’s words of wisdom:”never trust someone with pink hair”. Also, am hugely surprised by 1) “my mom’s my best friend” and 2) “Natalie, we can’t have sex” must keep head in game.

Natalie: Holy muscles Batman!

Alex: PLEASE DON’T GET EVICTED aka please, Big Brother, let them switch partners if they want to.

Amanda: Ive decided I hate you. mostly because you’re going to get Alex prematurely evicted.

James and Chelsia: making out? what? awkward guys do well in this house (see BB8’s Erik, BB2&7’s Boogie, etc…)

Josh: you are an asshole

Ryan: “I like dirty girls” you are creepy

Sheila & Allison: you make me laugh, couldn’t you have thought that revealing the truth thing through a little longer?