but I don’t, I love it.
15 minutes in to the first episode and I couldn’t kid myself that I had enjoyed the episode of Eli Stone Id just watched nearly as much as this guilty pleasure.
so, my thoughts are as follows…

– Sheila is a bitch. I don’t care how disappointed you are in the person chosen as your partner, you DO NOT treat another human being like that. Sure Adam seems like a bit of a bozo and it was bad form to call you “ma” but clearly you are unhinged and simply should not have custody of a 16 year old kid.

– Sheila and Adam will be the first to go. or at least I REALLY hope so.

– Joshuah is hands down the cutest in the house. Neil’s a close second. Why are all the good ones gay?

– Matt is clearly an asshole. He thinks more highly of himself than even Jase did back before his reformation. I live in Boston and Ive never heard such an atrocious accent. Natalie, who seems like a complete bimbo (remember Jase’s girlfriend from season 5? quadruple it), fits him perfectly. I predict that I will loathe them with a passion and they will do extremely well.

Chelsia scares me a little but she seemed like she was making the most of her time in the house and having as much fun as possible. Her and James may be fun to watch. I think they’ll be like Ivan and Allison from SYTYCD season 2: a lot of fun, great friends, no chemistry.

– I really like Jen and Ryan seems alright as well. I think both their teams will do very well (particularly Jen’s since she seems really together and Parker seems pretty cool). Allison is clearly a little crazy but sometimes that works. If Ryan’s less of a meat head than he seems they should do pretty well (see Justin from season 4). Both teams stand out as obvious threats though. hopefully they can stay in long enough to see the real couple have to lie profusely.

– I see great things for Amanda and Alex. Neither are terribly annoying though neither is exactly my hero (then again I actively disliked Jessica at the beginning of season 8 and she turned into one of my favourites). They both seem strong and smart enough. They would be my pick for an actual showmance to likely happen. Id say they’re a top 4 kind of team.

– Sharon and Jacob will work it out. I guarantee it. They’ll work through their issues in about a week and become one of the most strategically strong teams there. How do I know this? Dick and Danielle hated each other and ruled the house. Even the least reasonable people can learn to understand each other when faced with spending all that time together. and they aren’t unreasonable. They both seem like smart, strong people who have a huge history of love and trust behind them with only one misstep. Sharon may be hurt but she’ll get over it. They’ll be back in love in no time and will do extremely well in the game. Those who go furthest tend to be the people who, no matter what, know they can fully trust at least one person in the house (see Dick and Danielle, see Will and Boogie, see Jason and the other Danielle).

it’ll be a fun couple of months.