Say what you want about Matt and Natalie. say what you will about sheila and Adam. call Ryan oafish, Allison crazy, James paranoid and Chelsia dumb but they all are better than the new heads of household.

Alex and Amanda were evicted, predictable. I’m sad to see Alex go, disagree with the idea that the eviction was in any way his fault, glad to see Amanda gone, she was too much on my nerves.

Now, we’ve got a new head of household couple. and if you’d asked me this week who would be first on my list to get rid of it would be them, Josh and Sharon. She is a delightful combination of maddening and boring whilst he is hot headed, rude, hickish and…well… a jerk. They need to be gone just for the sake of my sanity- and now they’re in power?

Maybe we can top this pathetic week of episodes with an even worse one. what do you say big brother? think it can be done?