firstly, Jacob is a royal idiot. He completely screwed himself over. He thought he was being slick and strategic when in fact he was being reckless and eager. If he’d staid him and Sharon could have done really well and ended up back together. As it stands, she has even more reason to hate him than when they came- oh well.

I need Sheila and Adam gone. I think Adam is a creeper but Sheila keeps jumping on him for stupid things that he says and does when he wasn’t thinking or cant control it. She’s a bitch, ‘nough said. However, she certainly seemed enthusiastic when jumping all over him during the competition.

Jen and Ryan told their partners about their relationship? that makes it a little more boring. That said, Ive gained a lot of respect for Parker for how he handled that news and for how he dealt with the Jacob situation- he’s stand up, or at least he seems that way at the moment. Him and Jen will go very far if they’re not picked off as threats. They ARE a power couple. Ryan seems pretty cool too. Him and Jen make a lot of sense and he seems like he’d be a pretty good player. As I said in my earlier post, however, Allison is clearly insane. “Ryan needs to be with someone less jealous and catty, like me” so I will sit here and complain and be catty and jealous about it while Jen is perfectly mature. Yeah Allison, that makes sense. I see her causing serious problems.

Alex and Amanda are going to rule the house (if, like Jen and Parker, they’re not picked off as threats). They’re really good competitors. She does, after all, look a lot like a brunette Janelle. She does, however, need to wear pants.

I see things happening with Matt and Natalie- they’re perfect together in all their annoying grossness.

and… the most exciting thing in the whole episode…

ERIC AND JESSICA!!!!!!! YAY. I so glad they’re still together and I was so happy to see them on the show again. They were an adorable couple, great players and some of the best strategists on the show. They only made one really wrong decision which was to keep their agreement with the Donatos when Jess had HOH. Otherwise, they would have wiped the floor with everyone Dr. Will style- oh, lets have him on the show!!!!