Sheila turns on Allison because she feels left out. Understandable but a little crazy. Amanda and Allison both head to the hospital. Everyone readjusts their attitudes towards them when they come back. Sharon and Josh win the veto and fail to show a little spine and strategy by vetoing one of the strong couples when they decide to not use it. Matt and Natalie would have made good allies for them but no onewants to make waves.

Matt and James are the only real players in the house. No one else seems to know how the game works. Natalie is coming up as a new favourite of mine, I think she’s smarter than her voice, her face, her boobs and her resume let on. Chelsia didn’t do anything this week but I still like her so far.

I love Alex but he’s got to be gone this week. I would rather get rid of Amanda before Matt and Natalie. I’m hoping someone gets to come back in mid season- here’s hoping for Alex (though Id be OK with Parker as well- not their partners though, I don’t want both partners back)

I can’t believe everyone was so shocked that James was helpful when Amanda was sick… he’s biking around the world with no money “to prove we still care about each other”. Of course he knows how to cope with stressful situations and would help, even if she is his target. I admire Matt for saying he was “proud of [his] friend James” though, that took humility. The guy’s still a chauvinistic asshole but he has his moments and is definitely growing on me. As for James, Ive always liked him (even if he is hilariously over thinking the whole fish tank thing) and expected as much from him.

I like Allison- I can see how she’s a little crazy but I definitely like her. She’s the best of the girls as far as I can tell this season (which isn’t saying that much but its at least saying something).