4 years later on the worst show I watch but will always watch because I need to know what happens, pretty much nothing has changed.

Here’s what’s the same:

1) Nathan and Haley are still together
2) Haley is still helping hopeless cases pass their classes
3) Nathan is still brooding in self- loathing
4) Lucas is still annoyingly narrating
5) Lucas is still caught in a love triangle involving Peyton
6) Brooke is still designing clothes and living a fairy tale
7) Mouth is still “the nice guy” who has a somewhat sketchy sex life
8) Mouth is still an aspiring sports caster with unrealistic friendships
9) Peyton is still pursuing and accomplishing unrealistic dreams in the music industry
10) Dan is still in jail, everyone still hates him
11) Skills still speaks like an idiot and gives bad advice (mostly to Mouth)
12) Skills, Lucas and Nathan still spend time in the Tree Hill High gym
13) There’s a cocky basketball star at the river court
14) The actors are still too old to be playing their parts
15) They’re still bringing in musicians to play fictional versions of themselves
16) There’s still a serious lack of adults

Here’s what’s different:
1) Jamie Scott is now 4 years old and the cutest kid EVER
2) Haley’s hired a super nanny who I wouldn’t trust for a heartbeat
3) This time Nathan is brooding over his “career ending” injury as opposed to his “career ending” point shaving
4) Lucas is on his second novel (after publishing a first)
5) Lucas is dating his editor Lindsay
6) Brooke’s mother is actually around
7) Skills and Lucas are coaching the Ravens (with Nathan’s help)
8) Karen is off in the UK somewhere with her daughter
9) Chad Michael Murray got hotter
10) James Lafferty got less hot
11) the girls all changed their hair
12) Karen’s Cafe is now a Clothes over Bros store
13) Wilmington, North Carolina looks more like Capeside than Tree Hill
14) Brooke is supporting Peyton (investing in her record label, owning the house she’s rooming in)
15) the Ravens suck
16) the theme song is gone and replaced with the weird title they used to use when it was a “dramatic” episode