The Best Sophomore Seasons EVER

1) The West Wing: opening with the brilliance of “in the shadow of 2 gunman” parts 1 and 2, followed by the triumph that is “Galileo”, the brilliance that is “Noel” and all culminating in the best season finale of the series “two cathedrals”. The best season my favourite show.

2) Ugly Betty: I know it’s only just begun but every single episode of this season’s Ugly Betty is better than the previous one. Ana Ortiz and Marc Indelicato gave spectacular performances as the grieving family of Santos, Mark is getting a spectacular storyline, Christina’s got one too, we went to see Wicked, Betty is in love and we get LOTS of my beloved Christopher Gorham– BRILLIANT!

3) The Office: the season when they really hit their stride (the American version, by the way), flourished from beneath the shadow of David Brent and his comrades and remained fresh and hilarious every week (seasons 3 and 4 could not achieve such a feat). Jim pined while still best friends with Pam (a lovely dynamic), from the season premiere where we were awarded “the dundies“, through Christmas and Meredith’s flashing, the boat cruise and the heartbreak that accompanied it to the shocking final kiss this season was the best the office ever was.

4) How I Met Your Mother: though the first season tops it overall, the second season of this intensely funny show dished up such brilliant moments as the introduction of “Ted Mosby, architect” and Swarley, a glimpse into casa al Barney, Marshall and Lily’s romantic reunion, Barney finding the jelly bean to win thousands of dollars in the Chinese casino game, robin’s Canadian pop star music video, the birth of the slap bet, the introduction of Barney’s gay, black brother James (Wayne Brady), the Superbowl challenge, Marshall’s “bridezilla” hair freak out, Scooter’s return, Ted and Robin’s saucy breakup and a truly lovely wedding.

5) FRIENDS: the season I will always remember as “the Rachel and Ross season”, we pick up with Ross coming back from China with a new girlfriend and follow the epic couple through Rachel’s side of the pining, Ross‘ decision between the 2 women, the “what dreams are made of” kiss in the coffee shop, another short breakup and the happiest of happy endings in “the one with the prom video”. while the introduction of “we were on a break” doesn’t happen until season 3, the happy part of their relationship all starts here. There are also such wonderful episodes as “the one with the chicken pox”, “the one with the baby on the bus”, “the one with phoebe’s husband” and “the one after the super bowl” with the memorable “in the jungle” moment.

and finally…

6) Buffy the Vampire Slayer: easily the most romantic and one of the most heartbreaking seasons of all time, if “innocence” and the season finale don’t make you cry you clearly have no heart at all. Season 2 also serves as the introductions to Oz and Spike (two of my most beloved characters)