I’ve just finished watching the pilot and have concluded that while it doesn’t move at quite the pace of some other shows, Pushing Daisies is pure delight. Its got the lightness and sweetness of a sitcom with the romance and longing of a drama and the mysteries of a procedural. The visual effects, score and narration give it the feel of a fantasy film (think Stardust or Nanny McPhee). The cast is lovely (I tuned in partly for Kristin Chenoweth alone). Ned is the most adorable guy on TV (yes that includes both John Krasinski and Wentworth), Chuck (Charlotte) is lovely and sweet- their love story is amazing! (they can never touch or she will die so its full of the most spectacular longing). Chi McBride is back on the screen which is nice to see and you can NEVER go wrong with Kristin Chenoweth. This show is simply WONDERFUL. Its all the happiness you need wrapped up and package nicely in a little 42 minute box.