To the best cast ever: the best of Everwood, Alias, The West Wing, Ali McBeal, Prison Break, Six Feet Under, Reunion and an Oscar winning matriarch to tie them all together. Its lightning in a bottle when these people get together in front of a camera.

To wonderful characters and relationships: no show has ever achieved a family dynamic as wonderful and as truthful as the Walkers. Every single character is unique, fascinating, flawed and wonderful and they relate to each other in beautifully intricate ways. Watching the Walkers is like a symphony of personalities and connections. Each individual instrument plays on its own and is spectacular and unique in what it is but then when it joins with something else it becomes so complicated and is all the more beautiful for it. But its only when you hear all the instruments together that perhaps the solo makes sense.

To perfect and relevant story lines: Justin in Iraq, Kitty’s world of politics, Kevin’s boyfriend troubles, Sarah’s striving to hold on to her family and her business, Nora’s desperation to move on and stay connected, Rebecca’s desire to be a part of the family, Sol’s struggles with his sexuality and the lies hes told those he loves…. spectacular, fascinating, socially and politically relevant and true to the characters. My only fear is that they may run out of story they go so fast.

And finally, to the writers: every single character on this large ensemble drama has a distinct voice. They speak differently, distinctly and yet you can still tell by the way certain ones communicate which are Walkers. Brilliant voice development in conjunction with brilliantly plotting and relationship arc= the writers of this show are my gods (second only to Aaron Sorkin and Joss Whedon)

To the entire cast, crew and creative team of Brothers and Sisters and to the ABC execs who put it on the air and kept it there… I LOVE YOU and both this year and last year’s television seasons owe you for making up for some of their mediocrity.