How great is it to hear Kristin Bell’s voice on TV again? GREAT.

Now I refused to read the books, they were a little too chick lit trashy for me but all my snobbish sensibilities could not keep me away from the series premiere of Gossip Girl on The CW. And I have to admit- I loved it. I’m completely hooked and seriously looking forward to next episode.

I went to an elite private school in Toronto and while I never ran in that circle and the show is clearly hyperbolic I have to say that some of it rings entirely too true for comfort. There really are boys that pretty with trust funds that big. There really are girls that stylish and that catty. At the same time there are also girls that privileged who, like Serena, are really fundamentally good people who don’t look down on those less privileged. What’s true about the real world upon which the show is based is that most of those kids may have trust funds on which they can ride but they’re also really smart, really well read, hard workers, determined and most show an active interest in something other than their social lives (whether it be theatre, sports, debate, journalism, etc…).

Here’s hoping Gossip Girl shows that side of them along with their defiance of the unfair stereotype that privileged kids are snobs who can’t see beyond a checkbook and designer jeans. Acting-wise, the boys are a tad TOO pretty for my taste but the relationship between Dan and Jenny seems like its shaping up to be a favourite to watch and Blake Lively as Serena exudes great kindness and trustworthiness whilst being the most beautiful and stylish person on TV these days. And then there’s always Kristen’s voice over as the unseen Gossip Girl to remind us all that perhaps what we’re watching could be better than a synopsis would suggest- it could be among the intelligent elite of teen-based dramas like her Alma mater.