Last night’s second episode of the Prison Break season was certainly meh. The sleuthing should not be left to Lincoln. Susan B Anthony is clearly ridiculous- first off she’s completely unbelievable as an agent of whatever she’s an agent of, she’s also played by the bitchy prom queen from She’s All That, please. I hate it when Michael doesn’t have a plan- its not nearly as interesting. I’m also tired of Sucre already (who we’ve only just been re-introduced to) though perhaps he’ll be better once this Marie-Cruz thing is over. And I can’t stand what the writers have done with Mahone. I disagreed with the direction they took for the character in the first place but they’ve taken him to idiotic extremes that someone of his supposed intelligence would never stoop to. With all he went through last year he would know that he can’t beat Michael and that his only chance for survival would be to work with him. Instead, he’s clinging to an immoral strategy that he thinks will get him out of prison but which even he admits doesn’t sound like it will work- what? Id rather just have Mahone killed. The second season was great for that- they killed off beloved characters because there’s no way all 8 of them could have made it, they showed no qualms about losing them. We lost Abruzzi, Tweener and Haywire to that (no one cared at all what happened to C-Note) and the series survived- so lets off Mahone and be done with him.


on the good side- I love T-Bag, he’s one of the coolest characters ever. Robert Knepper is impeccable as the villain you love to hate. Its amazing to see how he transforms himself (a funny, happy-seeming, kindly man) into the snake that he portrays on screen. In the audio commentaries on the season 1 DVD you can hear him talk about the techniques he uses to develop the character. I also love Mike and Linc, as corny as it may be I love seeing them swear to go to the ends of the earth for each other.
Though he drives me crazy, the writers have done a great job throwing Bellick into a completely different world than the one in which we were introduced to him but keeping him true to his character. Unlike Mahone, Bellick is consistent in character. His willingness to do anything (including betraying Michael– the only person he can trust) to survive in relative comfort is reminiscent of his time as a CO, taking bribes from the inmates. Similarly, T-Bag’s degrading himself for protection and status makes perfect sense and is full circle from his forcing young men to hold his pocket for protection at Fox River.


Overall I still thoroughly enjoy this show even if there are tons of things I would do differently if I was writing it.


Also: Wentworth.