Chuck is adorable and fun (though very badly edited), I liked seeing Sarah Lancaster (Everwood) back on screen and some elements are really cute (like Chuck’s affectionate nickname for his sister’s boyfriend ‘captain awesome’) but Journeyman is actually better.


I actually quite liked it. Kevin McKidd is really engaging in the lead role (though when they show him with his old fiancee I can’t help but contemplate why it is that TV and film always couples men with women who are much younger than them. His present day wife is played by someone much more age appropriate. Actually the most compelling dynamic in the show is when he goes back in time to when he was engaged to a woman who is now dead and his now-wife was with his brother. It’s fascinating to watch him struggle with his feelings of infidelity as he slips his wedding ring off in order to be with the person who in the time period he’s currently in he’s supposed to be with in front of the woman he eventually marries and his brother who he stole her from. He feels disloyal to his marriage, his current (or previous-depending) fiancee and his brother all at the same time. It’s also fun to see Kate (his future wife)’s feelings for him being desperately hidden while she’s with his brother. I also enjoy the time period references they throw in (old sports games, news feed, pictures of NY skyline with the World Trade Center, etc…). Overall its very good- but nothing to warrant many seasons and a DVD purchase- God I miss the West Wing; now that was a show that every episode was a revolution of quality television.


Monday on NBC- worth a watch but nothing necessary if you don’t have a lot of TV time.