There are typically, in Boston Legal, moments when you just think to yourself “what is this?” it’s completely ridiculous and they take it too far and it’s kind of strange that it gets the Emmy attention it seems to… but… there there are moments when you realize that it’s so much more than the farce it sometimes succumbs to and there are moments of pure joy.

This season’s premier of Boston Legal was in every sense a classic Boston Legal episode with every feature that I mentioned above. They somehow managed to fire half their cast and hire an entirely new one whilst maintaining not only interest but plot that the audience has come to expect. I didn’t miss Constance Zimmer at all (and I’m a really big fan of hers). It was the smoothest cast transition since the world forgot that Hawkeye ever shared a tent with anyone other than BJ and Charles.

The Denny and Shirley moment when he sang “You are my sunshine” almost made me cry- it was absolutely beautiful, one of the best moments on television ever (from 2 characters I don’t usually enjoy watching), Jerry berating John Larroquette’s character for being mean was spectacular “even if I was serious you never head butt” and Clarence’s performance at the end was pure happy (Big Hairspray fan so it was predetermined that I would love that). I’m glad they’re onto another big murder trial that will last a couple episodes (last year’s was fascinating) and as of yet I don’t hate the new girl (though the one that will be hired next week promises to be hatred worthy).

This season will probably a lot of fun with a couple of moments of “that’s why it keeps getting best drama Emmy nominations”