Has anyone seen a cuter couple since Ross and Rachel? Jim and Pam’s chemistry is one of the greatest things about the amazing sitcom that is The Office. Their kiss at the end of last season was breathtaking and an entire continent held their breath until its resolution this September. Though the writers decided not to put them together and to have Jim start at a new office, viewers still have a sense of hope since Pam didn’t marry Roy either. This past Thursday Jim and Pam spoke for the first time since the season began. He called the Scranton branch to talk to Kevin and she answered. The next few minutes were enough to make us all hopeful that they may be together yet. They reverted back to the witty banter of their close friendship. That exact dynamic has not only been missing from the show, you can tell the characters have missed it from their lives. If you ask me, its just a matter of time until Jim is back: the unfunny Stamford characters can’t possibly keep him away long. Though shows tend to lose a little magic when the couple finally gets together (Ross & Rachel, Tony and Angela, Luke and Lorelai) just having Jim and Pam in the same room makes the show soo much better.