22 November 2017

Poison at The Coal Mine

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Poison, currently on at The Coal Mine Theatre, is a story about two people. Actually, it’s a story about three people. We open on a man (Ted Dykstra) waiting in …

20 November 2017

Another Trip Around the Sun, Another Great Solo Show

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I was at the opening night of actor-writer-comedian Daniel Stolfi’s Another Trip Around the Sun at The Bad Dog Theatre. The opening act for the night was improv duo Probably …

18 November 2017

The Shakespeare Series: Timon w/ Jessi McCarthy & Owen Schmitt

By // Theatre

With the help of some of the best and brightest Shakespeare fans in the world…

17 November 2017

Soulpepper’s Goat

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Edward Albee’s The Goat or, Who Is Sylvia? is currently on at Soulpepper, directed by Alan Dilworth. I love this play for so many reasons, not least of which is …

17 November 2017

7 Fingers’ triptyque

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The best word I can think of to describe The 7 Fingers’ new show triptyque is magical. I know, I know, cheesy. But when a show can really make me feel, bring …

15 November 2017

Janak Khendry’s Life Eternal

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Janak Khendry Dance Company’s presentation of Life Eternal is the crowning jewel of a tight-knit community. The performance is steeped in the history and religious traditions of India, and …

15 November 2017

Daughter, Remounted

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Adam Lazarus’s play Daughter is about masculinity. Or rather: it is a play about toxic masculinity. Or, even more accurately: it is a play about the ways in which the patriarchy …

13 November 2017

Dinner & a Show

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I can’t stay awake at the theatre if I don’t eat first but it’s sometimes hard to figure out where to go, especially if you’re not super familiar with the …

11 November 2017

Big Fish at The Other Palace

By // Theatre (London)

The 2003 Tim Burton film of Big Fish is one that I have watched many times and grow fonder of with every viewing. I know it well, and so my …

11 November 2017

The Shakespeare Series: Merchant w/ Lauren Horejda

By // Theatre

With the help of some of the best and brightest Shakespeare fans in the world, we’re diving deep into 38 plays in 35 episodes (Henrys IV & VI only get …

10 November 2017

Reflector by Theatre Gargantua

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Reflector, the newest production by Theatre Gargantua at Theatre Passe Muraille, is a carnival…

09 November 2017

Backbone at Canadian Stage: Earth Mother’s Spine

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Red Sky Performance’s Backbone, playing at Canadian Stage from Nov 2 to 12, is the first production of a two year residency at Canadian Stage—to be followed up in 2018 …

08 November 2017

Julia Jarcho’s Grimly Handsome

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Grimly Handsome is a relatively new play by New York playwright Julia Jarcho. Directed by Jay Turvey, this three hander stars Julia Course, Jeff Irving and Ben Sanders as a …

07 November 2017

Dark Comedy in The House on Poe Street

By // Theatre (New York)

New Yorkers have a strong affinity for Halloween festivities, with the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade drawing spectators from around the world annually. Come the end of October, New York City …

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