20 January 2020

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

By // Games

With the advent of the CD format and the first PlayStation, SquareSoft began to supply its games with a large number of beautiful cinematic cut scenes with incredible graphics at …

16 January 2020

Five Video Games to Check Out in 2020

By // Games

Here are some of the titles I’m most looking forward to playing in 2020. 1. Witcher 3 A witcher is a battler of beasts, ogres, demons, and witches in folklore, …

11 January 2020

TV to Games: The Best Quiz Shows to Succesfully Gamify

By // Games

In the brave new world of the reinvented Roaring 20s, gaming is big news and even bigger business. There are dramatic, if somewhat misleading, headlines about how it is bigger …

07 December 2019

Trending in 2019: Four Games I Can’t Quit

By // Games

In 2019, gaming is no longer reserved for (or associated with) nerds and shut-ins. Due to the blazing internet speeds and its broad availability, a nurturing environment was created for …

21 November 2019

Mario Cart Tour: Just Another Mobile Gacha Game

By // Games

Mario Kart Tour is the fourteenth title in the Mario Kart franchise, which has spanned over 18 years, beginning with the original Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo console …

14 November 2019

Slots, Movie & TV-Style

By // Games

If you’re a true TV and film junkie, then simply watching your favorite productions is never enough to satisfy your cravings. True fans go all out, consuming as much merchandise, …

16 June 2019

What do gamers expect from video game studios?

By // Games

In many cases, people forget the fact that video games are a business and nothing else for video game developers as well as the gamers themselves. Therefore most simply focus …

23 April 2019

Hot Take: Maybe Gamers Are Better Learners

By // Games

“Video games harm children’s brain”, “video games cause an absence of mind”. These are popular syntagmas which popped up over the last 15 years. Unrealistic headlines continue to paint an …

21 April 2019

Top 5 Best Professional Players in PUBG

By // Games

Online Gaming has evolved tremendously in the past decade, moving from a pastime to an active livelihood for scores of people across the globe. Player Unknown’s Battleground is one such …

20 April 2019

The Latest in VR

By // Games

The world of virtual reality has never seen better days. Technology has proved once again that things will get even more realistic as advancements keep on hitting the market. With …

11 March 2019

Cross-Platform Matching & It’s Affect on Gamers

By // Games

PC or Xbox? iOS or Android? These are the latest variations on a type of question we’ve been asking since gaming began. Commodore or Atari? Mega Drive or Super Nintendo? …

31 December 2018

The Best Mobile Game Titles Coming in 2019

By // Games

2018 has been a huge year for gaming, and mobile gaming in particular. With the year coming to an end, people are already looking ahead at which games will impress …

04 August 2018

SDCC ’18: Stern Pinball presents Iron Maiden

By // Games

CLICK HERE to read all of our SDCC 2018 Coverage. Every year at Comic-Con, I make a point of stopping by the Stern Pinball booth on the convention’s exhibit floor to …

03 August 2018

SDCC ’18: First Look at Strange Brigade

By // Games

CLICK HERE to read all of our SDCC 2018 Coverage. I’m not a skilled gamer but the ever-evolving art coming out of that storytelling genre fascinates me and I love to …

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