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22 March 2014

Build Your Own Suburbia

By // Games

So one of the casualties of my new-found fatherhood has been my ability to easily round folks up to play games. People tend to like to congregate in the evening …

30 September 2013

Video(s) of the Day: Shut Up & Sit Down Game Reviews

By // Games

With babygeddon almost upon me, I have found it increasingly difficult to find the time to gather people and play games. There are just too many trips to Babies Я Us that …

01 June 2013


By // Games

Dear Nine year old Leeman, shut up, put down those Battle Beasts for five minutes and heed my tidings from the future.  No, I’m not here to give you stock …

18 May 2013

Thurn and Taxis

By // Games

“Mommy Mommy!” “What is it, little Andreas?” “I want to play a game!” “What kind of game, my darling?” “One where I can help develop the postal infrastructure of 16th …

13 April 2013


By // Games

Since Bill Watterson coined the term “Calvinball” it has acted as a remarkable reference point for chaotic games where the rules constantly change and the players are kept on their …

06 April 2013

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

By // Games

I have a confession to make:  I killed Neil Gaiman.  Well, technically a robot killed Neil Gaiman with a giant laser but I still feel largely responsible.  The whole affair …

19 December 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

By // Cinema

Full disclosure:  There is only one Hobbit movie and it was put together by Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass.  That being said, Mr. Jackson has made a valiant attempt.  While …

10 December 2012

Sushi Girl, a Dark Crime…Drama? Comedy? Thriller?

By // Cinema

Dig, if you will, a picture of a mincing Mark Hamill, looking like Philip Seymour Hoffman in Boogie Nights, hammering chopsticks into someone’s leg.  Hold that image in your mind …

22 September 2012

Gotham City Impostors

By // Games

If you have a Steam account there is a good chance you may have noticed an odd, unbidden addition to your library in the cowled and grinning guise of Gotham …

14 September 2012

Repos’ 7 Wonders

By // Games

My wife and I aren’t speaking right now.  That’s mostly because she’s in the kitchen making flat bread but if it were due to an argument, the most likely root …

10 May 2012

Mad Scientist University

By // Games

There are few games where one can be applauded for creative use of cannibalism.  This is probably a good thing for society as a whole.  For the rest of us …

26 April 2012


By // Games

Once upon a time there was a board game called Talisman, but that’s a story for another day.  The story today is about one of Talisman‘s Robert Baratheon-esque bastards, Runebound. …

27 March 2012

Paranoia Mandatory Bonus Fun! Card Game

By // Games

Greetings Citizen!  I hope you are enjoying the bounties of entertainment and personal satisfaction the Computer is granting you this day as the Computer does every day!  All hail the …

18 March 2012

Fantasy Flight’s Battlestar Galactica

By // Games

One of the joys of going back and watching old episodes of Deep Space Nine is seeing Ronald Moore’s name in the opening credits and thinking, “Hey!  I liked Battestar …

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