We belong to a world that is ever-changing, and now it has become a world that considers innovation, technology, and thus digitalization. Blockchain was there for a long time with the gift of Bitcoin, and now NFTs are the new trend that everyone is looking forward to.


Since 2009, bitcoin has been in the market and leading the digital trading world. We all know the efficiency of blockchain with its decentralized process. Nothing was more exciting than the blockchain process while trading or transacting money across borders. You can also try bitcoin prime to understand its usage and trade accordingly. 


We all have our favorite heroes and heroines in every area. Not just movie stars but also artists, players, and singers have somehow become our favorite role models with their outstanding works over the years. 


Since 2021, the rumors about NFTs are not getting down, and even celebrities are also climbing the train of NFTs. This has become so crazy that celebrities are believing in the future of the crypto and blockchain process and investing in these areas. NFTs have a different fan circle, and our role models are also getting into it.


Celebrities Who Joined The NFT Trend

Many celebrities have joined the club of NFTs, and we are going to discuss some of them. Since the release of CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), et cetera, the digital art world has gone crazy and is gaining popularity. 


1. Snoop Dogg

This famous artist first stepped into the field of NFTs with his collection “A Journey with the Dogg,” where he shared his memories and experiences as a rapper. From that, one album called “Death Row” was sold for $100,000 in his first NFT auctions. 


Snoop Dog also mentioned that he is not just a rapper but also an NFT collector and mentor. Snoop also stepped into the metaverse and opened an interactive world, ‘Snoopverse.’ Do you know what’s crazy about it! People paid $450,000 to become a neighbor of Snoop in the metaverse. 


2. Lionel Messi

Another legend of football, who is also known as the GOAT, has shown his faith in NFTs. Lionel Messi has created the Messiverse and also purchased NFTs for him as well. 


Lionel Messi is loaded with the best football moments of Messi, and people pay a lot to purchase the moments as NFTs for them. “Worth the Weight,” “Man from the Future,” and “The King Piece” are some of the popular NFTs from the Messiverse.


3. Paris Hilton

The marvelous queen of pop culture and also an influencer, Paris Hilton is one of the early celebrities who considered the META world of NFTs exciting. She has launched 3 NFT collections, “Iconic Crypto Queen,” “Legend of Love,” and “Hummingbird in My Metaverse,” and as usual, those collections are also sold for years. 


Her first NFT- “Iconic Crypto Queen,” was sold for $1.1 million. She is too obsessed with NFTs, and for that, she named her real-life pets NFTs – “Ether Reum” and “Crypto Hilton.” 


4. Eminem

If you love to listen to rappers, Eminem is considerable in your playlist. Once Eminem stated that he has a tendency to earn money on his own which has fascinated him since childhood. This famous rapper owns 12NFTs in total. 


The most recent NFT is worth 123.45ETH, and he uses it as his Twitter profile picture. 


5. Justin Bieber

Who does not know about the famous musician Justin Bieber? 


He is famous for his songs, and the young generation is almost crazy for him. 


Bieber is a typical NFT buyer who has immense love for NFTs. he has purchased his first NFT from BAYC, #3001, for 500 ETH. The price of that NFT was $1.29, and later, he also purchased BAYC # 3850, which was about $470,000. 


To Conclude 

The craze of NFTs has spread across the globe, and various artists and celebrities are showing their preferences for NFTs. It is just a matter of time before NFTs will acquire a broad business market. 


Digitalization has taken a new pace since NFT came to the market and is now acquiring the art world easily. If celebrities are following the trend, why not us!