If you don’t know, online gambling in Canada is an extremely popular activity among people of legal age. And while there may be no online casinos operating from Canada, there are tons of various offshore sites that provide their services to the residents as well as visitors. Gambling sites may be easy to find, but what about the best casino games? There are thousands, if not millions, of slots, table games, and more on the web. What makes one better than the other, and how do you choose the one that’s right for you? It doesn’t matter if you play for free, or gamble for real money – you gotta make sure that the game is worth your time. We’re here to talk about exactly that. We will tell you how to make the best selection, which makes a new gambling game stand out from the others, and what current games beat all the other ones in 2020.

If you’ve had the pleasure of gambling online in Canada, you will know that the number of online casinos that are available in your country is absolutely grand. Unlike some countries, you have plenty of options in regard to sites as well as games. Besides, new things that have not yet gained a reputation can be somewhat deceiving. So let’s talk about what sets a game apart from the mediocre ones so that you don’t get lost in the sauce discerning between new gambling games in Canada.

1. Software providers that are reputable and have a big online presence usually come out with nothing but top-quality gambling games in order to uphold their reputation. So when looking for the best games, check out new or existing content from well-known software providers such as ELK, Microgaming, and Betsoft, or any other providers that make games available for Canadian players. Sure, some brand-new and insignificant providers may have great games too, but your best bet is to search for products from the already examined creators.

2. Features and bonuses matter when it comes to gambling, especially when it comes to betting real money. Before playing, you can always read the reviews or check out the info section of the slot to see what features the game offers Canadian players. The richer the features, the more quality time you will be able to spend playing a gambling game online. For example, look out for Free Spin and Bonus rounds when playing. Free Spins allow you to spin the reels without making any extra deposits, and Bonus rounds let you play special games that give you opportunities to win a much larger amount than you initially deposited, or hoped to win.

3. Presence of reputable casinos in Canada
is another thing you may want to consider when playing games online. If you see that the same game shows up on multiple online casinos in Canada, chances are that it’s worth a try. First, of course, you need to determine what the best online casinos in Canada are.

4. Banking options available in Canadian casinos are definitely something you need to consider before choosing the best online gambling game. If the banking options aren’t available in your region, then you obviously cannot play the game you have selected for real money. That mostly goes for gambling sites, obviously, as you have to deposit money through an online casino to play your preferred game. For example, if you’re planning on betting money on your favorite game using PayPal, you have to make sure to find Canadian online casinos that accept PayPal.

TOP 5 NEW Canadian Online Gambling Games

Now that you know what to look for in new online gambling games in Canada, you should have no problem searching for one on your own. However, let us ease your hunting time and tell you about the top 5 new online gambling games available in the country. We have considered all of the points we mentioned above when creating this list, and make sure to only select games that have payment options available for Canadians, games that only came from reputable software providers, and ones that are in your reach on the best Canadian online casinos.

1. Hawaiian Fruits
Available in Canadian online casinos
Software provider: GameArt
RTP: 97%
Features: Wild Symbol, Free Spins, Cluster win, Autoplay

Canada is a beautiful place, but God knows it gets cold there. So why not take a little break and enjoy a Hawaiian gambling adventure? Hawaiian Fruit is a new slot with an impressive RTP of 97% that makes it all worthwhile, especially if you’re betting real money! This is a beautiful beach-themed slot by GameArt that has already claimed its presence and good reputation on the market.

2. Visitors
Available in Canadian online casinos
Software provider: ELK
RTP: 96.1%
Features: Bonus Round, Wild Symbol, Free Spins, Autoplay, Respins

Who knows why aliens choose to land where they land. They could show up anywhere, and Canada is no exception. The new Visitors slot from ELK has created an amazing experience for players around the world. The hilarious theme with adorable aliens and the entertaining story line of cow abductions will have you playing for hours. The RTP of 96.1% makes this a promising online slot, and the in-game features make it almost irresistible!

3. Wicked Witch Slot
Available in Canadian online casinos
Software provider: GameArt
RTP: 97%

Got any witches flying around in Canada? When you envision a which, do you imagine an old granny with a hideous nose and a tall, pointy hat? Well, let’s rearrange your perception. GameArt created the Wicked Witch slot that fooled us all and made us believe that a witch can be a sexy young lady that makes a broom look like a Ferrari. The high RTP of 97% is also a big plus when it comes to this slot. The new Wicked Witch Slot will hypnotize you and have you playing for hours on end!

4. Black River Gold Slot
Available in Canadian online casinos
Software provider: Habanero
RTP: 95.98%
Features: Free Spins, Scatter Symbol, Progressive Jackpot

The Black River Gold slot from Habanero will hit home, especially if you live near the mountains in Canada. The theme is based around mining in the snowy mountains. Find some gold nuggets, keep warm with a shot of harsh liquor, and make sure to keep the compass on you lest you get lost in the vastness of the mountains. Black River Gold Slot has a higher than average RTP of 95.98%, so whether you’re playing for free or betting real money, it will all be worth your time. Brr, stay warm!

5. Jacks or Better
Available in Canadian online casinos
Software provider: BGaming
RTP: 99.54%
Features: Bonus Feature, Double Up Bonus

If you love poker, the NEW Jacks or Better draw poker game will blow you away with the incredibly high RTP of 99.54%. The Celtic-themed game will put you in a peaceful atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re a knight taking a break from your watch and playing a relaxing game of poker. Jacks or Better is available in popular Canadian online casinos that offer plenty of payment methods in the country.