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24 November 2020

What Are The Best Sports To Follow In Canada?

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2020 has been an unpredictable year for the sporting industry. Around the world sports tournaments have been postponed or cancelled due to Covid-19. This year, in Canada, there have also been some reforms that have also impacted the competitive sports betting market too. According to a casino review site, a bill is set to be reintroduced into Canadian politics that aims to reform the current sports betting system. Part of the call for the reform of sports betting in Canada is due to a section of the Safe & Regulated Sports Betting Act that has caused some controversy.

Whether it’s celebrating goals or cheering on successful teams, there are many sports in Canada that can be followed by fans both young and old. Some of the most popular activities include hockey, lacrosse, and baseball. In addition to this, they also have exciting teams and professional players who have been involved.

Ice Hockey

In Canada, hockey is a big sport that’s loved by many fans and is hugely celebrated as a winter sport. It receives a lot of attention, support, and interests most people as they devotedly support their teams. The nation has several big teams that play in the National Hockey League (NHL) including the Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Winnipeg Jets. Famous ice hockey players in Canada include Wayne Gretzky and Jonathan Toews.


Canadian baseball dates back as far as 1838 and is played at various levels throughout the country. Canada has both a men’s and women’s national team and a variety of cities and towns in the country have also been home to minor league teams. The Vancouver Canadians, Winnipeg Goldeyes, and the Toronto Blue Jays are just some notable baseball teams in Canada. Throughout the years there have been many notable players in major league baseball including John Axford, Joey Votto, Ferguson Jenkins, and Larry Walker.


While ice hockey is seen as Canada’s winter sport, lacrosse is seen as its summer sport. Modern lacrosse has been a popular sport in Canada since the 1800s and is still enjoyed to this day. Today, lacrosse is played in four categories: men’s field, women’s field, box lacrosse, and inter-lacrosse. Game lovers can watch and cheer their favorite teams in the National Lacrosse League and various other national and international competitions. Mike Accursi and Pat Baker are some famous Canadian players in this game.


Although a world-recognized game, soccer also has a special place in Canadian’s hearts. The first soccer game in Canada was played in 1859 in Toronto and was between St. George’s Society and a team of Irishmen. It is then safe to say that they set the pace for soccer in Canada. There are many different clubs that play in various professional soccer leagues such as the Candian Premier League including Cavalry FC, Valour FC, and FC Edmonton. Some of the most famous Canadian soccer players in the sport are Dwayne De Rosario, Marco Bustos, among others.


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