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26 November 2020

Casino Winning Strategies

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It got pretty fashionable to stick to the best online casinos with the purpose of winning tons of dough right here and right away. Those countless youtube videos about the lucky guys who kind of doing nothing but were able to beat the casinos are nothing else but another fake to attract the viewers to a particular casino website.

Honestly, bearing in mind that some strong math stands behind each and every casino game, it’s merely impossible to ‘test’ one’s luck and win millions of dollars at once. The hack is that the house edge of the casinos is always their win—the users’ one! However, when trying to gamble online following the math rules, one can augment the chances to win big!

What follows the losses is the winning—this is a key rule of the Martingale strategy to win from the casinos. How does it work and if it’s really fruitful—that’s the question that has been undergoing the harsh discussions for ages! The opposite approach—the so-called anti-Martingale—is a right proof that the strategy can lag and is not a 100% guarantee of winning.

In fact the only idea standing behind all of the casino activities is that the casinos per se are in advantage, while the gamblers lose. Nonetheless, the small percentage of the players are always eligible for winning but it’s decided in a random way. This is one of the bases of the Martingale strategy to beat the casino. So, in other words, the losses of the thousands of the gamblers will lead to the winning of one or two other players.

Yes, the gambling industry is built like that—the only way to count the probability of winning should not be based on one gambler only. It supposes that if the overall number of the gamblers of one casino is considered, the probability cannot be calculated only in terms of one player. It’s better to consider the overall chance to win in a particular casino for all possible gamblers.

As a conclusion, your skills of gambling are not to be based on your belief in fortune only. The strict scientific approach is to be applied, logic included. Such a strategy is one of the most effective ways to touch upon the increasing chances to win. Nevertheless, it’s not all over. You’d need to have some experience and be able to calculate possible outcomes of the games using the math models and formulas. Otherwise, no success can be accepted, and it’s really evident why—you have to think analytically and be math science to win. And even this doesn’t ever guarantee you to beat the casino!


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