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25 October 2020

The top 5 musical referrals to gambling

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The modern world has given successful musicians a life filled with adventure, luxury and enjoyment. When it comes to living a life filled with anything you could possibly imagine and so much money in your pockets that you can’t even think of what the next thing you want to spend on is, at a point in your life, you’re bound to cross paths with a casino or two.

It was inevitable for the luxury-filled rich musician lifestyle to intertwine with the enjoyment and pizzazz one can find at the casino. There are many musicians who were inspired by the experiences that can be brought by within the rich casino lifestyle, and it’s become a very commonly referred-to topic in so many musician’s works of art.

Nowadays it’s become really easy to be able to enjoy the luxurious casino lifestyle, in a simpler way, websites like give you the option to try out playing casino games from wherever you are, whenever you like, on your phone or computer.

Here’s some of the most popular casino references in music, back in the good old days… besides of course the most obvious of them all… (Ace of spades by Motorhead)

Stephen Stills- Black Queen

One of the most underrated guitarists in the 60s had decided to dip his toes in the “songs about gambling” collection in a great bluesy piece he had written in 1970, called Black Queen. He doesn’t feel any shame in this for sure, considering he opened the song with “This is a song about a card game”.

Bruce Springsteen- Atlantic City

Yet another guitarist, however a bit more modern-aged than the last. Atlantic City doesn’t really sound like a gambling song at first glance (besides the fact that the city is very well known for gambling), but it sure starts to make sense when you read between the lines. The song mainly focuses on a working-class man with bad luck, considering organised crime to make ends meet. One of the biggest gambles you can do.

Elvis Presley- Viva Las Vegas

Who other to capture the glamour and glitz found in las Vegas within a song than the king of rock n roll himself? That’s right, Elvis Presley has a song called Viva Las Vegas, in which he clearly refers to the luxurious Las Vegas.

Bob Dylan- Rambling, Gambling Willie

Bob Dylan is one of the most interesting songwriters to ever live. He had the writing skills of a prophet. He has more than one song related to gambling, however, this one takes the crown. The song is about a man who loved betting and taking big risks who roamed all around america, fathering numerous children and winning everything he plays, who later on pushes his luck too far, giving a clear message to all gamblers, to not get carried away and lose everything when you have the chance to quit while you’re ahead.

B.B. King- Gambler’s Blues

Even the king of the blues himself gave the musical gambling reference a go. I mean, who other than B.B. King right? In Gambler’s blues, he narrates a lover’s blues through wagering, and he narrates it brilliantly.


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