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07 October 2020

Narcos– You Never Get Out Of The Game

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The setting Is Columbia in the 1980’s. Politicians, police and people of influence are falling into the pockets of the Medellin Cartel, and America is finally taking notice…

The story of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel has been a compelling, murderous and breath-taking tale that has taken the imagination of the West by storm. It was only a matter of time that a hit Netflix TV Series (Narcos) would come out to serious acclaim, inspiring a host of games being one of them.

The new game, Narcos: Rise of the Cartels, takes inspiration from the story of the Netflix TV series, of the rise and fall of ‘El Patron’, the drug lord himself, Pablo Escobar. The story of the game coerces the player to choose sides with either the DEA or with the Narcos. Players find themselves embroiled in the dirty and dangerous missions and murders that characterise the Narcos TV series and the real lives of the drug selling desperados of 1980’s Columbia. It would be false to say the story and heart of the Narcos story is pivoted largely and actions of one man and his associates, the larger than life personality of Pablo Escobar. Who was the man behind the mug shot?

From Obscure beginnings

Escobar began his life of crime when he was still in his teenage years, the son of a schoolteacher and a farmer. His beginnings weren’t necessarily indicative at all of the notorious criminal career he would embark upon. When he was still in his early adulthood, his first dodgy endeavour was the forging of fake diplomas – this developed into the forging of report cards and then the stealing electrical equipment in order to resell before ultimately stealing cars, which was the offense that lead to his first arrest. This decline into criminality led to his affiliation with drug rings as a smuggler and by the mid 1970’s the fledgling crime organization that would evolve into the Medellin cartel would be born.

From The Rich To The Poor

Compelled by a desire to play to the gallery, Escobar began to cultivate a Robin Hood image, even earning the nickname ‘Robin Hood’ through his efforts in philanthropy with ordinary Columbians. He invested in the building of hospitals, stadiums and housing for the poor – even sponsoring local football teams. The popularity that he enjoyed with Columbians can be gleaned in his election to an alternate seat in the country’s Congress in 1982. Two years later he was forced to resign after his criminal activities were revealed in an investigation by the Justice Minister, who conveniently happened to end up dead soon after.

An Inglorious Ending

After the rising inevitability of Escobar’s capture, stimulated by had what almost become an all-out war on civil society, Escobar fled and the Columbian government launched a massive manhunt. After enjoying some cake, wine and marijuana on his 44th birthday, the next day his hideout was discovered in Medellin. Escobar and his bodyguard managed to get to the roof of the building while Columbian forces stormed through the entrance – after a gunfight, Escobar was shot and killed, with some speculating that the drug lord took his own life. In the words of Escobar himself in relation to his potential extradition to the US if the DEA ever got him he ‘would rather have a grave in Columbia than a jail in the U.S’

Now, Back To The game…

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels isn’t really a game that players curious to explore the world of their favourite show might necessarily enjoy. The eclectic, turn-based combat calls for the kind of strategy and patience that only fans of the genre will really appreciate. Owing to the lengthy levels and what’s at stake, losing a team member in a level will really turn up the heat – adding to the electrifying nature of the game. Frankly speaking, if you’re in for the cerebral and not just a messy shoot ‘em up then this game is for you.

There’s also a popular Video Slots called ‘Narcos’ that’s based on the Netflix series. The slot’s game producer, Netent, has got a cut into some of the action, creating a thrilling game inspired by the aesthetic and profitable madness of the era of the Medellin cartel. If you want to check out Narcos, as well as a host of other great slot games you can play on your phone, check out these Casinopro mobile offers!


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