25 October 2020

Hiring A Remote Software Development Team: Main Tips to Follow

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Hiring an outsourced software development team can be a challenge for any person who only desires to build a mobile app but doesn’t know anything about software development. You know that the success of your future software product is contingent on a dev team’s experience in this area. Therefore, it’s a responsible task, but you shouldn’t turn it into a big problem. The search can be time-consuming and complicated. When following this link, you familiarize yourself with the main software engineering practices any dev team should follow working on this or that project. In this insightful post, we’ll share some tips that will help you quickly find professionals in the area of software development.

Learn the Market

Everything begins with Google. You have to scan the market by doing simple marketing research. Firstly, you need to check Linkedin, Clutch, or Appfutura. Such catalogs as CrunchBase or Theymakeapps will help you find experienced IT experts. You can either opt for freelancers or professional outsourced software dev teams. But you have to remember that there are no guarantees that you’ll have your program or mobile app delivered on time when choosing freelancers.

Narrow Down the Search by Location

Once you’ve explored the market, you have to narrow down your search. Choose the geographical location of a team that suits your needs. Remember that the professional style, the pricing policy, and the approach to work usually depend on the exact location of a chosen team. You have to find a team that can meet your expectations and has the desired scope of development skills. Check their samples of work, make sure you have no language barriers or cultural differences that don’t allow you to focus on the same goals.

Determine Your Budget

When you finally do marketing research, you have to set a budget for your future project. Compare the pricing policy of various companies. Remember that it may vary depending on the location and the experience of a dev team in this area. Your overriding purpose is to find a company with many years of experience in this niche and knowing how to bring your ideas to life.

The average pricing policy of software developers depends on their location:

The USA – $55-$150;
Europe – $30-$120;
Africa – $20-$45;
Former Soviet Union – $20-$45.

However, you shouldn’t entrust your product to companies that offer the lowest hourly rate. Otherwise, you won’t like the result. You should focus on the quality, experience of this team, support services, and delivery timeline. In other words, you have to put quality first.

Check Customer Feedback

It goes without saying that customer feedback is the most critical indicator of a dev team’s success and experience in this niche. Therefore, you should always check this issue. For instance, such well-known services as and usually have project reviews. This information allows you to understand the company’s performance and experience in this area. Remember that customer feedback can give you more than you can expect. They usually demonstrate the relationship between the dev team and the past clients.

You shouldn’t believe companies that have 100 % positive reviews. They are likely fake.

If you want to learn more information about a company, you can find their former clients on Facebook or LinkedIn and contact them. This information will help you understand whether you are dealing with experts or not.

Create a Minimum Viable Product

Professional software development companies should suggest building an MVP model. Its main goal is to test the effectiveness of your idea and save time and money. Moreover, experts have to figure out the most important aspects of your product. MVP development makes further development easier and gives you more freedom to continue with this project and save money.

Post-Release Support

Remember that not each software development company offers post-release support. Some of them offer round-the-clock support, whereas others provide on-demand support. You have to check what they offer before you sign a contract. On-demand support is mostly enough, but a lot depends on the specifics of your application.

Following all these tips, you’ll surely find experts in this niche. Remember that dealing with experts is the main formula for success. You should avoid companies that offer too low rates. In all likelihood, you won’t like the result and spend money in vain. If you have any questions seeking clarification, you should put them before you sign a contract. Remember that poor communication is a way to failure!


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