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25 September 2020

The Best Hits From The Live From An Old Prison Album

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Sometimes, when everything seems too dark and dull, people tend to cheer themselves up with something that’ll make them laugh. Whether they choose to watch a good comedy on Netflix or to visit a theatre, the main point is to get their dose of a good laugh. However, stand-up comedy is something many people have forgotten about, which is ironic as it’s probably the best way to amuse yourself and enjoy your evening with some exceptional entertainers.

There are plenty of stand-up comedians, but only some of them have reached incredible heights. Some of the top-class stand-up comedians have published live albums, but instead of music, they’ve recorded their live comedy sessions. One of them is Live From An Old Prison Album By Ryan Conner from 2014.

Here are several reasons why you should listen to some of the greatest hits from Ryan’s album:

  1. Stand-Up Comedy Is Quite Entertaining

Ryan Conner is a top-class, stand-up comedian whose humor and jokes entertain thousands of followers worldwide. If you’ve never experienced stand-up comedy in your life, you should give it a shot. It’s essential to find an excellent stand-up comedian that knows how to incorporate their thoughts into their act, then spread them to their audience.

Some stand-up comedians are much better than others and are truly worth watching live. Even if you weren’t able to go to Ryan’s live performance, don’t worry as he recorded and published his “Live from an Old Prison” album. This way, followers that weren’t able to attend to his live performance could at least listen to it.

  1. Ryan’s Inspiration Comes From A Very Interesting Real-Life Story

When stand-up comedians talk about some random peoples’ life events in a humorous way, it’s usually an incredible experience that pleases their audience. However, Ryan went one step further. The stories he interprets to his audience are real-life stories with a twist. These stories come from Ryan’s family, and there’s no better person to tell them than a family member.

The things that make his stories so appealing and incredible are out of this world. For a start, when Ryan was only two-years-old, his mom divorced his dad. Several years after the divorce, she got married again to an Afro-American who already had his own sons. This was the moment when little white-skinned Ryan got two step-brothers of Afro-American origin.

As years went by, his mom gave birth to two more sons with his step-dad, making the total number of two white-skinned brothers and two Afro-American step-brothers. People aren’t sure if his life story is fiction or not. Nevertheless, that’s not where his family story ends.

Ryan’s mom and step-dad adopted four Afro-American boys to their family, making their family much bigger. Last but not least, Ryan and his eight siblings got even more adopted brothers, but this time they weren’t Caucasian nor Afro-American. This time, they’ve got one Chinese and two Vietnamese siblings.

Having 11 siblings undoubtedly packs a punch in every way, especially when Ryan’s siblings belong to three races: Caucasian, Afro-American, and Asian. If you only stop for a moment and imagine having 11 mixed-race brothers, you’ll understand how many silly situations and stories they all had together.

His incredible family inspired him to become a stand-up comedian. In his acts, he mostly speaks of odd situations and things that were happening in his vast family. Nevertheless, Ryan’s big family has become a never-ending source of inspiration for his stand-up comedy sessions.

  1. Ryan’s Family Isn’t The Only Source Of Inspiration

Even though Ryan Conner has enough material to carry on with his stand-up comedy acts for years to come, his family is not the only source of inspiration. In some of his best recordings, Ryan talks about many other interesting life-changing situations, like dating, kids, his uncle, job offers, and even about gay stuff.

Since he has a lot of fans, he gets a lot of fan mail. Thus, his fans are another source of inspiration for his acts. According to his audience’s reactions in the background of the album’s recordings, they love these acts even better.

Another great inspiration for one of his acts is the fact that Ryan shares his first and last name with an incredibly popular porn star from California. To an extent, Ryan feels lucky since that’s not her real name, but a stage name. On the other hand, many people often confuse him for her and vice versa. Therefore, sharing a name with a porn star gives him even more material to work with for his stand-up comedy acts.

Final Thoughts

When your entire life is a great comedy, you don’t need any entertainers to make your day. However, Ryan Conner found a way to express himself and show the world that people should always make lemonade when life throws lemons at them.

Using the best out of the given situation is what Ryan has mastered. If you want to have a good laugh, make sure to listen to his album.


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