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15 September 2020

Safety Tips for Online Sports Betting

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The virtual world can be a dark and dangerous space. And with cybercrime on the rise, it’s important for online sports bettors to take the extra precautions. Especially when large amounts of money are being transacted online. Just like keeping up to date with the best bet of the day or the latest sports updates, following online safety tips is highly important for any sports bettor.

To protect your finances when your online betting, take a look at these online safety tips for online sports betting.

#1 Use licensed sportsbooks.

With so many sportsbooks and betting sites online, it can be hard to point out a trusted site from a fake one. However, there are certain tells that you can look out for when on the hunt for a reliable sportsbook.

Here are three ways you can tell if a site is safe:

#1 A common tell if a sportsbook is reliable is by checking the lock icon next to the website’s URL. The lock icon indicated that the website is under a secured encrypted connection, enabling its users to navigate and transact safely on their site.
Another way to find out whether a sportsbook is legitimate or not is going on their main website. Browse through their website and look for proof of their license to operate either on their homepage, ‘About’ us page or terms and conditions page.

Lastly, use online sportsbooks that are popular amongst your fellow bettors. Do your research and look for reviews regarding a website. Sites with a good reputation amongst the online betting community is a trusted and legit platform.

#2 Avoid downloading software (as much as possible).
While some betting sites require you to download a specific to bet, you might come across downloads that can put your data in a vulnerable position. Additionally, you should be cautious about what you click on when navigating through a betting site. There are certain ads and software that can pop up containing a virus, malware or even spyware.

Stay aware of these possibilities and be mindful of what you download or click on, especially if you’re betting on a non-licensed sportsbook. Or else, you might become a victim of cybercrime.

#3 Transact through secure payment platforms.
When it comes to online sports betting, all your transactions will occur online. From placing bets and withdrawing payouts. To ensure you’re safe, it’s important that you use well-known and reliable online payments platforms like PayPal or Google Pay.

By using a trusted online payment service, you will be ensured that if anything happens there’s a customer support team equipped to help you out. At the end of the day, ti’s best to be safe than sorry.

Prevention is key.
Participating in online betting comes with certain risks especially when you’re transacting money online. The best way to avoid any cybercrime lurking around the digital space, follow these online sports betting safety tips. Because prevention is always key.


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