Watching hockey on TV offers all the excitement that comes with cheering on your favorite team, but playing games like NHL 20 offers a whole new level of thrill to your experience. Playing NHL-related games will give you an experience unlike anything you’ll find from watching the games on TV. If you’ve ever wanted to satisfy your inner hockey player, this is a perfect way to do it. With NHL 21 just around the corner, we thought we’d look back at the latest version available right now.

Some of the game’s highlights:

  • Gameplay that includes authentic player movement
  • Authentic shooting styles that replicate how your favourite players perform on the ice
  • Contextual animation that makes the plays as lifelike as possible
  • Artificial intelligence enables goalies to react according to the threat level
  • Commentary and play-by-play analysis that is as lifelike as possible
  • Options for playing with others

With a shortened NHL season due to COVID-19 and only a tentative date for the next season, hockey enthusiasts will have a thirst for more in between times. The unique gameplay of NHL 20 is a great way to have fun at home in addition to online casinos in Canada. Sports games are a great option both on and off-season.

Authentic Players

New technology allows for greater control over player movement, as well as realistic-looking movements. You’ll have a feeling that matches being in the middle of a real game as much as possible. Diehard fans looking for something as true to life as possible will appreciate the authentic gameplay.

There are no disruptions during puck-related actions, as had been an issue in previous NHL games. Players should see the action flow as continuously as possible. The improved gameplay will likely create a more frustration-free experience.

Authentic Shooting Styles

Each player in the game uses their signature shooting style modeled on their real-life shooting. Whichever player you are in the game, you have a chance to mimic their most popular moves. Authenticity helps create an even more enjoyable, competitive experience.

This version of the game has included new tools to ensure more accurate shots. These shots make it easier to replicate your favorite players’ most popular styles. Because you can navigate your chosen player a lot more easily, you’ll stand a better chance of scoring.

Contextual Animation

Contextual animation has reduced the amount of choppy movement that players may have encountered during play in the past. With all the game’s players moving around more smoothly, there will be a greater feeling of authenticity. When you are playing with others, it will be easier to keep the competitive spirit alive.

The smoother player movement, the more enjoyable the overall gameplay will be for every player. With play being much easier, players are less likely to experience frustration. The easier the playing experience, the more enjoyment you and your friends will get out of everything.

Goalie AI

Goaltenders in this edition of the game have a better ability to predict shots and make the right moves for effective saves. With the ability to predict moves comes a greater range of actions goalies can make for saves.

The gameplay allows for a greater range of covers. The saves in this game have a more authentic look due to the range of movement available.

Commentary and Highlights

The commentary provided in the game crosses the traditional play-by-play and color commentator lines. This style is more progressive than what is seen on TV commentary and has an air of authenticity.

Game highlights that are as close to the real thing as possible are a perfect way for players to showcase what has happened during play. The commentary and highlights are elements that work together very well.

Playing with Friends

Even as attractive as free welcome bonuses that online casinos offer are, there are few things that can match the competitive play that NHL games offer. When a game can be played in an Eliminator mode, you can play alone or with friends in a winner-take-all way.

Playing one of these games with friends is an excellent way to live out any fantasies you’ve ever had about being a hockey player. Even if you’ll never take the ice yourself, these games give you an unforgettable experience.