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03 August 2020

Best Video Game Consoles To Get

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Looking for a new entertainment option or just an update to your old system? Then check out the best video game consoles to get right here.

Things have come a long way since the first video game where introduced, they are no longer just the pastime for kids and teens, with a whole generation that grew up on then still playing and buying.

Three basics to keep in mind when choosing a console:

  1. The game title you want to play and if they are available
  2. Does the console match your style of play
  3. Is it a sound investment that you are going to get the most out of

As the industry continues to expand, the benefits of playing video games are becoming more well-known. Consoles now aim to everyone’s tastes, but what is the one for you? It might help explore the best video game consoles available:

1.   Coming soon… The Playstation 5

If you are willing to wait for this console you will probably be making the best investment out of the list.

The PS5 is expected to blow past its competition with its incredible power, graphics, and exclusive titles, plus it offers buyers web navigating possibilities, so you can play your favorite casino games from the same console and read more about online casinos in Canada all on the same system.

For now, it looks like this console will be the leader of the industry, especially for the more serious gamers that want the highest quality and performance.

You can expect the PlayStation 5 will be avaiñable in North America by November 2020, but if you can wait that long you can just get the Playstation 4

2.   The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo really knew what it was doing with this one, The Switch is a super versatile, fun and friendly console, that pleases many.

This is a console you can play three different ways:

  • As a handheld, it comes with a small screen and two attached control, perfect for solo gaming
  • As a tabletop, detach the controls from the screen, share with a friend and get playing
  • As a traditional console, hook up your Switch to the TV and start

Having so many options makes it the perfect choice for both families and casual gamers, you also get to enjoy exclusive games, all of the Nintendo franchise, plus it’s cheaper than the two gaming systems mentioned before.

3.   The Xbox One S

Definitely the best Xbox console so far, although the new member of the Xbox family, the Series X, is yet to be fully revealed.

Box One S has a solid overall performance, but its graphics are lacking a bit as some of the high image quality settings (HDR, Ultra HD Blu-ray, and 4K) only work on the newest model TV’s.

It’s a good choice for Xbox fans, but it might be worth waiting for the Series X, even though most experts are leaning toward the PS5 beating it in many areas.

Consoles worth mentioning

  • Nintendo Switch Lite Portable Gaming Console, a handheld cheaper option for the solo gamer
  • Sega Genesis Mini Gaming Console, preloaded with 42 classic games, it’s a good option for the nostalgic gamer that doesn’t want to spend too much


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