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29 July 2020

Worst Game Related Injuries

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The highest incidences of injuries during games are caused by VR.

VR has become a household hit in recent years and we’ve all been to someone’s place and they’ve been impressed to show off their latest VR technology setup, normally after a few drinks have been consumed. You’ll probably know by now that most developers have offered something to the VR world, even casinos! In fact, some of the biggest player favorites have been ported into virtual reality format, from Starburst from Netent which you can begin playing for free, thanks to offers at casinos like free spins or a no deposit bonus, just make sure you take safety more seriously than some people on this list.

When everything is considered, gaming is one of the safest activities to engage in. if you are not gaming with a standing desk or a VR, then your gaming will involve relaxing on a couch or chair. You only make minor motions with a controller or mouse, if you are not playing with VR, unless you get to a level where you throw something or jump up with rage. So, chances of breaking something, dislocating your shoulder, or pulling a muscle are very minute in gaming.

But we still record some injuries while enjoying games. That is why we are throwing this question open this week. What is the worst injury you’ve picked up while gaming?

It was Stevie that conceptualized this question this week, and below, he starts by making us understand why. That is how many other people came up with their own answers, revealing how they picked up minor injuries while playing games.

Stevie Ward: the announcement of Star Wars Squadrons keeps reminding him of how much he cherished EVE Valkyrie. This has been taking him back into VR, but he made the mistake of forgetting how easily he can injure himself through VR. So, last night, he was playing Beat Saber, and fell over his coffee table. The dinner table is very close to his fridge, and since he has been working from home, the table has been his work table. But this setup is not good at all; because it gives him neck pain whenever he plays League of Legends.

Chris Livingston: he says the only reason why his injury is severe is because it is a recurring one – something he experiences at least 3 times every week. There is no slack on the headset/ear buds because it is hooked under his desk or he is standing on it, so they get yanked off whenever he stands up.

He keeps complaining that this keeps happening, and it has been difficult for him to learn from them. He is not smart, not even as a lab rat. It hurts when these are hulled off his ears or head in a violent manner, and that’s why he needs to get a wireless headset.

James Davenport: he said that he has been working for a very weird old tech firm that only spends their money on sponsoring the luxury life of the executives while the guys in IT suffer neglect and poor remuneration. It got to the level where they can’t even afford new computers, and so, he had to cobble together older PCs in order to come up with new PCs, and he has cut himself on several occasions doing this. So, while trying to put together a server from Getaway, HP and Dell, he scraped off a portion of his skin from the forearm. It was not deep, but it was very painful.

Dave James: he said he has never had a real injury from playing games. But due to the Robot Recall in VR, he has removed some light bulbs. Meanwhile, in trying to design new gaming PCs he had been injured by those very sharp parts of the PC cases. The spikey area at the back of the motherboards has also harmed his fingers in the process.

Alan Dexter: some home based accidents have actually been caused by the Half-Life: Alyx. Many people have smashed their overhead lamp shade while trying to toss the grenades. But when this man witnessed his son do this thing twice at exactly the same point in the same game; he came to the realization that he is not the one at fault. In the bid to integrate a grenade into the combine tanks, he had also removed a big part of a door. But the pain of what happened to his hands hurt more than the door that was harmed.

Robin Valentine: he said that the injury he is explaining happened not when he was playing on a PC, but rather on a PlayStation VR, and it did not hurt him, but rather another person. He said he was in the living room, reviewing the VR shooter named Farpoint. There is a huge plastic gun peripheral that comes with it and his girlfriend was studying very close to him. But unknowingly, while he was shooting bug monsters through the alien planet, he was moving closer to where she was sitting, and eventually came face to face with her. At that moment, a boss monster jumped him and had his rifle swung around….. But in real life, he had hit his girlfriend’s head with the rifle. It did not injure her head, but the guilt never left the man.

Harry Shepherd: he said that this one encroached on his pride. He talked about his fascination at the fact that he had never injured himself while coupling his PC or while playing games, but went ahead to say that there are some defeats that he has suffered in gaming that are actually worse than such injuries. He also said that he left his home office flour in a mess, with cables scattered all over the place. So, it needs cleaning. If the cleaning does not happen, then an accident may soon happen. If he eventually buys VR, then the chances of couch accidents will increase. He should probably put the ‘days without an accident’ sign on his desk.

Andy Kelly: one of the best non game VR effects is Google’s tilt brush, and with it, you can paint in 3D. He said that he was painting a very large landscape scene in the past while on his knees. His hands were trying to paint individual grasses, and forgetting the exact boundary, he hit his head on the fireplace. That small bump left a scuff on the vive. But it felt worse to be taken out of VR suddenly. He said that he becomes so immersed when on VR that anything that reminds him of the real world, even if it is a small push, causes him some sensory whiplash.


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