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29 July 2020

New Upcoming Indie Game Projects of August 2020

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Wondering what Indie games are? In the world of independent developers, the word ‘Indie’ refers to such individuals or small independent teams. These developers usually have no backing or financial support of a large publisher. Again, it could also refer to developers who are given artistic freedom in their creations from their publishers. Developers are given much freedom, and they can innovate and take on risks that are not possible in AAA games. Such products are often produced through different mediums and are distributed through digital channels.

Some of the trending indie developers who have been making it big this year are Mini Dragon, Robert Thompson with some recent releases. Here you can take a look at their products and those of others that come in the limelight this August 2020.

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Mini Dragon’s Fatal Funnel and Dungeon Warriors

The company advertises itself as a small team of developers, dedicated to developing mobile games. Indeed, there are several pixel friendly bitesize games that you could download and try on your smartphones at any time. The developer has been gaining a niche here, having bagged several awards since 2017.

  • Fatal Funnel

This is an action title that combines puzzles and stealth genre. It allows players to be part of a SWAT team and try and solve tactical problems. There are innovative drawing features included, and play mechanics allow players to connect with the team members to coordinate attacks and resolve situations.

With cool and planned aesthetics, there are several engaging levels. It is little wonder that the judges liked what they saw in the content and provided the Indie Pitch crown of 2019 to Mini Dragon.

  • Dungeon Warriors

This is another title that helped Minidragon to win the Big Indie Pitch award in 2019. Dungeon Warriors impressed judges as much as Fatal Funnel did. This particular title has a hack and slash format that many will find innovative for the mobile platform. Here players can blend in combo attacks and use magic spells. There is scope for individuality and combat interactions that are physics-based.

Robert Thomson and His Game Gogogo!

This is party software that this well-known animator has designed for Android and iOS devices. Maximum of 16 players can join, and there are different unique challenges that are fun and engaging for the players. You could even have all to join in on a single mobile phone, once the software is downloaded on your mobile. Players will be able to strike different poses, recreate acts from memory, create impressions of random animal or bird noises and so forth.

Robert Thomson is known for creating unique mini-games that are casual and small in size, allowing you to download them seamlessly on your phone and enjoy a variety of features that are unique but simple at the same time. His experience as an animator brings forth much personality in most of his games. For instance, in Gogogo, you find several stickmen doing goofy acts, in nonsensical poses on the menu and so forth. Hence, it is lots of fun simply to move around the interface and love the interactive animation effects.

Gionathan Pesaresi and His Latest Releases

This mobile software developer, also called Neutronized in the gaming world, gained acclaim after a series they launched called Super Cat Tales. This summer, you can look forward to discovering the different features of the Yokai Dungeon. It combines puzzles with cute action sequences. Yoki is a word that describes a certain spirit or monster category in folklore stories of Japan. There are different characters you find here from a top-down perspective. Also, Yokai opens up several dungeons, and one needs to push through several objects to overcome challenges. The visuals of a dungeon crawler are created well with pixel art. The setting is akin to a lantern festival where lightning destroys an important spirit shrine. As cursed spirits escape, players need to overcome them. One will also get to shop for bonus items, collect coins and explore different rooms.

Golden Bite Games and Their Latest Releases

This is a developer who offers varied services such as software development, VR/AR, the art of 2D or 3D platforms to several business partners such as Absolute, Cartoon Network and others. They also have their own unique games of which their latest and trending release is Knight Quest. It is free and comes with in-app purchases on iOS devices. It is a mini action puzzler with a chess theme. You get to move through different levels as a knight. At the time of unlocking different levels, you get to collect horseshoes and a key that would open up a treasure chest in the final level. It includes elements of chess and combines the basic concept of the same into a mobile software for casual players. The rules are easy to learn and recognise, as well.

Cellar Door Games and Rogue Legacy

This is an independent developer based out of Toronto, Ontario. Founded in 2009, they offer games that can move to mobile browsers seamlessly. Their early releases consisted of flash games such as Villainous, I have 1 Day, Don’t Shit Your Pants. Their first release for console and PC platforms was Rogue Legacy. This title, originally released in April 2013, is now ready with a sequel, to be launched in August 2020.

It is an action theme with 2D visuals and effects. It is available for different platforms like Steam, PS4, Nintendo Switch and iOS. Here you would have adventures inside a castle where you collect coins on the go. The character kills the king and has to fight off several guards. With every level that you complete, you keep the money you make and get upgrades as well. Though this is not new software, it has been adapted to different consoles and PC.

Mini Archer and Other Games of Nanovation

This is an independent publisher in the casual mobile games category. Located out of San Francisco, it has offices along the West Coast of the country. Founded in the year 2015, the company has several new releases this year which include titles like Lost Hero, Bounce Fill, Sky Wave, Hexavoid, Slipaway and others. However, their trending title since last year is Mini Archer. This is a title that comes free for iOS devices, as an in-app purchase. The game’s aim is to fire at targets. There are two modes, one where you can fire fixed arrows and another where you can nail targets as many as possible. Visual effects are clean, simple and provide a feel-good factor to the players. There are UI elements that are intuitive and dynamic, allowing one to play the game smoothly on their mobile device on the go.

Evgeny Gubanov and Spy Tactics

This developer maintains a clandestine presence as a developer, mainly for the Steam platform. It has had a total of 4 games released between 2016 and 2019. Their latest release, Spy Tactics is still trending since its release last year. It is available for PC, Android and iOS platforms. It is a game that combines tactical strategies and puzzles. The player in the game takes on a spy character. One is given to a brief at the beginning after which you have to move around a grid of nodes. This helps to kill those who do not spot you and avoid guards. There are challenges at different levels and rewards that one can collect at these levels.

Other Games of Indie Developers

  • Rock of Ages

This is one title that is gaining popularity this year. The third sequel is here, called Make & Break. It is all about arcade action and defending a tower. Ace Team provides humour mixed in action in this creative game that would appeal across several age groups. The storyline is that of eclectic adventure that includes several legendary characters, both irreverent and bizarre.

  • Occupy Mars

The prologue version of this software gets released in summer of 2020. It is of Pyramid Games and involves survival strategies. The open-world is like a sandbox and is highly technical. There are species of several planets here, and companies use different technologies to set up a colony on Mars.

  • Banners of Ruin

A game with a medieval theme, it would remind one of the Robin Hood team in Sherwood Forest. Developed by MonteBearo, one can enjoy assembling a team of 6 as one moves through a city called Dawn’s Point.

Indie Video Slots

Indie developers are present in the world of video slots as well. They offer diverse themes, mobile-friendly games that are more suited to casual gamers. They are ideal for people to try as this software is designed for mobile gaming. They are easy to download and play on the go. You can choose your platform of choice as well as from a large variety of genres. Some of them are free to play as well, allowing players to dabble in games of varied genres and themes.


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