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29 July 2020

A Guide to Getting in the Music Industry

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Are you a singer desiring to get into the music industry? Or are you looking for a job in the music industry? Whatever the reason, before joining the music industry, it is essential you know the scope of the business. The best answer on how to get in the music industry is to create something worth listening to or reading by music companies, singers, and fans.

Therefore, irrespective of whatever position you want in the music industry, this article is the ultimate solution. Knowing how to earn, focusing on your path, and knowing different ways of promoting your music will make you a success in the music industry. Also, you may want to get your music featured on The Pound of Music and other charts.

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Focus on What Matters

Many people desiring to do very well in the music industry only do a small portion of work and expect the industry will do the rest. This is where they go wrong. Most people who succeeded in the music industry like Mayday Parade had focus. So, what do you need to focus on?

  1. Making Sure your Music is Great

There is no debate about it. If your music does not get the attention of fans, other singers, and music companies, you cannot succeed. This is the most significant area. Quality songs go a long way in making sure your journey is easy. In this particular area, most songwriters do well, but some do not go commercial because they do not focus on other areas they need to.

  1. Promoting your Music

This is the second area you need to concentrate on. Where can you promote your music?

Social Media

You need to post your music on all social media accounts, e.g., Facebook, YouTube, etc. Any new brand makes its products or services known through social media.

Publicize your Music

Those in the publicity business connect the media with your brand and music. For example, celebrities, influencers, public shows, podcasts, newspapers, and magazines are great ways of making your music known. Moreover, in the case of negative occurrences, these publicists protect your brand. In cases of positive events, they fan the flames very well.


In any business, advertising is crucial. Every year, musicians spent a lot of money on advertising. Ad units are of various types—magazine advertisements, movie screens, benches, billboards, banners, etc. Could you make use of them?

  1. Make Money

This is the last item you need to focus on. Making money charms every singer. For you to stay in the music industry for many years, you have to see financial rewards, be happy, and have adequate resources. Below are ways of making money in the music industry.

Performing Live

You can sell tickets to people who would want to attend your live shows. While performing, you can have salespeople move around or located at a central place to sell your music albums. Besides, when performing live, make sure the quality of your performance is outstanding. Let it make people desire to hear more of your songs.

Selling in Outlets

Selling in outlets is one of the traditional ways of selling things to the public. Please make use of it. Although old, the method is not outdated, and you may be surprised how much you can make out there.


Once you have conducted live shows in your home town, move to other towns. It might be a bit nervous because it’s a strange environment with strange people, but selling is work. This will move your music to another level, and before long, you will have built a considerable following.


This is a good way of making money, especially if you are a beginner in the music industry. Ensure your merchandise is excellent. You only need the best albums, to begin with. If you are a beginner when customers buy a CD, give them free stickers, a t-shirt, etc.


In summary, even if you are a beginner, you can get into the music industry. Start focusing on what matters and do the work by yourself. After some time you can get some more people to help you, especially when it comes to promoting your music. Start with writing great songs, use the ways mentioned above to promote your music (and many others not mentioned here) to make your music known, and then go ahead to make money.


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