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02 April 2020

Taking a Look at the English Football League Pyramid System

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English football is an event which has managed to attract a global appeal among people. This has led to a lot of different ideas, opinions and beliefs about how best to run the tournaments.

However, the method which is mostly commonly agreed to be the best one is the pyramid system. Knowing how this scheme works, what makes it so successful and learning how to predict how it all turns out will hell you to be even more of a fan of English football, so let’s take a look at this core part of the English football league.

What is a Pyramid System? 

So, what is a pyramid system? What does one look like? Well, the pyramid system is shaped like an average pyramid, which as you may know is wider at the bottom than it is at the top.

So, the pyramid system starts by having all of the teams at the bottom of the pyramid, and every successful victory means that you climb another stage in the pyramid, until such a time as the top four teams are at the top of the pyramid, and they play each other for the top two slots, and then from that match, one team rises to the highest point of the pyramid, and is crowned the winner of the league.

Is This a Good System?

So, a lot of people tend to question just how valuable a system the pyramid is, and it’s a fairly legitimate question. Competitively, it offers a unique sense of gameplay that you don’t get with other options.

For a lot of people, the official standpoint is that a pyramid system perfectly balances the need for a drawn out game, while at the same time creating a manageable season. When you compare it to something like a round robin style of play, you begin to understand why that wouldn’t be effective. It would take too long, and at the end, potentially wouldn’t be quite so interesting to see. A pyramid system really helps to build up the hype, and get people in gauged with what they’re watching.

Easy Understanding 

Perhaps one of the most valuable elements of a system like this is that it helps people to understand how the games are being played, who is winning, who is losing, and what the tournament looks like at any given point. A pyramid system is quite easy to follow. All you have to do is look at where people are on the pyramid and you can understand who they have beaten and how they have arrived at the particular location they are in at the moment.

It is this level of easy understanding which helps people to easily relate with the game, and they feel a genuine sense of relief when they can very quickly identify the current state of affairs and become part of the world. If someone misses a particular game, then it’s not going to be difficult for them to catch up, and at the same time if they want to introduce someone into the world, it’s easier to explain than a complicated tournament system. 

The Best System?

So, understandably, as we said, there are different professional opinions about the pyramid system as a whole, many different assessments of its competitive viability, and a lot of people tend to have their own ideas about what is going to be a good format and what is not. Generally, the pyramid system is the easiest way for a tournament to play out, as everyone starts on even footing, and moves up depending on their merits. This doesn’t account for the different rankings of the teams, the overall strengths and witnesses of each player, or anything like that, but it serves its purpose well in creating a watchable and enjoyable season of football.

From a purely commercial perspective, that is what a lot of people are looking for. Sponsors, broadcasters, fans, they all want the same sort of thing. A style of football which is easy to follow and easy to watch. You don’t want to have to do any complicated maths to work out who’s going to win, you just want to be able to enjoy yourself, maybe make a bet on a game, and just have fun. It is this level of accessibility which really helps to make English football so very endearing to people, because there is a genuine sense of easy watching which is quite nice.

So, in conclusion, the pyramid system of English football is something which has become very popular, and does have its fair share of fans. This system has a lot of different benefits which others don’t, and you can understand why that would make it so popular for a tournament audience. Being able to have access to an easy to understand and sensible play style is enjoyable for a lot of people, especially newcomers to the game. One thing that you need to understand is that when it comes to creating a superior standard of working, people have to try and implement a system which works for them. The pyramid system is not perfect, it does have its faults, but it is also the widely agreed method for an easy and enjoyable football season. On those merits alone, it stands out as being a great choice.


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