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05 April 2020

How to Improve Your Golf Game if You Can’t Go Outside

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Have you been gearing up for golf season for months but now you’re stuck indoors and can’t get out on the course? Are you wondering how this downtime will affect your game in the long-run? Do you want to be able to stay in top form, and even improve your form despite the fact you can’t go outdoors? The good news is that you can do just that, allowing you to stay fit, on form, and even start to learn some techniques and tips that can improve your swing.

Here’s a look at some simple tips and tricks you can start using right away as you prepare for the upcoming season of golf.

Golf Simulator

For those who want to get serious about improving their game while indoors, and aren’t looking to make just a couple of changes here and there, a golf simulator could be a great option. They are meant to provide an excellent simulated experience that feels real, and then give you real stats that will provide a detailed insight on your swing. You can learn what you’re doing right, and wrong, so you can pinpoint the areas you want to focus on.

Today’s golf simulators have an incredible rate of accuracy thanks to the algorithms they use. You’ll be able to get stats such as your ball speed, distance, launch angle, club head speed, side spin, back spin, flight path, and plenty of other details. They are also relatively easy and quick to set up, and even if you’re in a small space, you can find smaller models that offer all the same great results.

Work on Flexibility and Strength

While your first instinct may be to grab your club and a ball in order to make improvements, there are other things you can be doing. Did you know that by increasing your strength and flexibility, you’ll have better control in the game? So, what’s the answer? Give yoga a try.

Yoga can easily be done at home, without any sort of equipment needed. As long as you have an empty open space in the room, then you can get moving. Follow along with online instructional videos, or grab a book on the basics of yoga. The results of yoga will be that you can get more control and therefore more precision in your swing.

Of course, yoga also has the added benefit of being great for your mental health as well, helping you to truly relax.

Set Up a Putting Green

Your home can also be the perfect place to set up an indoor putting green. If your main issue is your short game, now is the time to tackle it. There are plenty of at-home putting greens available for purchase, ranging in price, size, and configuration. These mats can be placed on any flat surface in the home and are meant to feel just like an actual green.

If you want to add an extra level of difficulty to the experience, look for a green that has bumps, ridges, and small inclines. These are natural things you will find on the actual course, so it can better prepare you for your game. You want to challenge yourself as much as possible so you can really elevate your results.

Your New and Improved Self

By using these simple tips, you’ll find that by the time you get outdoors and onto the course, you’ll be showing off a whole new and improved self when it comes to your golf game. The key is to stay consistent with your efforts while indoors.


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