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05 April 2020

Here’s What We Already Know About the PS5

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2020 will be a huge year for the gaming world, as the industry prepares to move into the next generation. Whether you want to find the world of or play the latest RPG, everyone loves gaming. And it doesn’t come bigger than a new console release.

Both Sony and Microsoft have announced their next line of consoles, with the latter revealing the Xbox Series X late last year. Sony, who’ve undoubtedly dominated the console scene in the last decade, will look to retain their crown with their next line in the Playstation series – the PS5.

Arriving Late 2020

Sony announced that the PS5 would be coming in ‘Holiday 2020’, meaning it could arrive anytime between October and December. While this may look like a very wide window, the fall season is a hectic time for the games industry, with major releases coming out every which way you look.

The holiday 2020 release will no doubt mark the PS5 as one of the top gifts for Christmas, with kids and adults alike hoping they wake up to a brand new console on Christmas day.

The Specs

The PS5 boasts a range of major upgrades to its predecessor, with Sony looking to define the next generation of console technology by offering the best hardware they can.

Sony has promised SSD memory management, allowing for quicker installation and loading of games. As well as that, it will have AMD hardware that can offer top-range lighting effects and immersive detail in games graphics. It’s confirmed that the PS5 will support 8K resolution, providing the player has a TV capable of it too.

Though not confirmed by Sony themselves, it’s heavily rumoured that the PS5 will be backwards compatible with most PS4 games.

Console and Controller

The components that players themselves will be most interested in what they’ll find in the box come the day they get their hands on the PS5.

The console itself hasn’t been unveiled yet, with many anticipating what the design will be and how it will differ from the PS4. Given Sony’s design history, the console will most likely come with multiple USB ports, rubber stands on each side so it can sit either vertical or horizontal and a disk drive that can support 4K Blu-ray.


The controller is also yet to be revealed but a few details have come from Sony regarding it. These include that it will have haptic feedback instead of rumble to enhance player immersion and that the trigger buttons R2 and L2 will have adaptable sensitivity.

The Games

What we’ll be playing when it comes to the release of the PS5 is still shrouded in mystery, as there have been no fully confirmed next-gen exclusive games confirmed to coincide with the console’s release.

Rumours of Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War sequels seem likely, while we can safely assume we’ll see more instalments of beloved franchises like the Assassin’s Creed and the Battlefield series.

Major releases for PS4 are expected to get cross-gen upgrades too, with The Last of Us 2 a prime candidate for a crossover title.


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