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14 April 2020

Heavyweight Boxing Fights We Hope to See in 2020

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Boxing has always been one of those sports that gets the adrenaline going, which is why it draws in millions of viewers during big-time events. Hopefully there will eventually be more major boxing fights taking place in 2020, and by going to this website, you can lock in some great bonuses that you can apply to these fights. If you prefer to go down an alternative route, the Pala Casino promo code could be for you. Whichever site you’d like to check out, you will be taking the steps necessary to gain an advantage in the betting markets for when these fights do occur.

On the subject of huge fights, especially in the heavyweight division, there are several that we would all absolutely love to see this year, as detailed below.

Clash of the Titans

1. Fury vs Joshua

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the fight that everybody wants to see in 2020. Yes, there are other fights we would like to see, which we will get to next, but this one would be an absolute blockbuster. Here you have the darling of London in Anthony Joshua going up against ‘The Gypsy King’ in Tyson Fury. Since Fury dispatched Wilder just a few weeks ago, everybody is screaming for this fight to happen, but it’s all down to the fight promoters in the end

2. Wilder vs Fury (part 3)

Wilder is often credited for having one of the most lethal punches in heavyweight boxing. While that may be the case, it didn’t do him an awful lot of good when Tyson Fury schooled him in the ring just a few weeks ago. Many viewed Fury as the underdog in this one, although The Gypsy King always proclaimed that he was a more talented boxer leading up to the fight.

Fury managed to dispatch Wilder on foreign soil in the US, something that Anthony Joshua failed to do when he challenged Andy Ruiz and lost. Although Fury has now beaten Wilder and taken the belts, who could deny that a rematch between these guys would be sensational? We really hope that it does happen.

3. Joshua vs Wilder

This one may seem like the least likely to happen out of the three, but we can’t help but feel that if these guys clashed, the stadiums would sell out within minutes. Joshua has never fought Wilder, despite the fact that Wilder has been the holder of several belts in the heavyweight division. Some skeptics out there say that Joshua actively avoids these kinds of fights, as they seem to believe that Joshua thinks he isn’t as talented as these other guys.

We don’t believe this for a second, as he has not shied away from any of his bouts throughout his career. While we would love to see these guys fight, it would be even better if it was on US soil so that we can see if Joshua could replicate the success of Fury.


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