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16 January 2020

Five Video Games to Check Out in 2020

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Here are some of the titles I’m most looking forward to playing in 2020.

1. Witcher 3

A witcher is a battler of beasts, ogres, demons, and witches in folklore, and this game incorporates magic and swords as weapons of choice. The 2015 release involves an enticing storyline, stupendous graphics, and complex gameplay, and features a compelling card game called Gwent. After slaying some creeps, players take a poker break, which enables the witcher characters to migrate between various game settings.

The object of Witcher 3 and its off spawn, Gwent, is to build a strongly fortified world where decks of cards play an essential role. Gambling fans and especially poker players will enjoy in between monster-slaying and are available for PlayStation and X-box consoles.

2. Fallout: New Vegas

Featuring post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, this epic fallout title involves the statistics of luck in some shady casino backdrops that practice downright thievery. Part of a long successful series, Fallout: New Vegas has a complementing casino theme that hauntingly reels in players while offering card games such as blackjack, internet slots, roulette, and caravan. The component of luck is upgradable and dependent on the equipment a player in this game, such as some cool shades and naughty nightwear.

This games’ character is called the courier, who is on a mission to ship a package to new Vegas across the Mojave Desert but loses it during an ambush. With a more than realistic gaming element to the casino gambling theme, fallout: New Vegas features numerous twists in the plot for which gambling provides a way to get out.

3. Final Fantasy VIII

Full-fledged gamers are familiar with the final fantasy game series releases that have featured throughout our lifetime with hundreds of game hours created. Final Fantasy VIII features a gambling game called Triple Triad that provides a break from the main plot for players to collect cards, match them, and walk away with prizes. The character in the game plays against the AI for the highest values after comparing the same colored cards to the one in the next square.

4. Red Dead Redemption

From the people that brought us, Grand Theft Auto comes a gambling game that is one of the most popular in its generation, and its casino theme follows after the Texas Hold’em poker format. This release offers gamers the chance to increase their cash by sitting down to a few poker rounds, and opportunities are availed to cheat and get away with it. If honesty isn’t your best policy and should you be caught; however, there will be reckoning in the form of a fight to the death.

There’s also an appearance in Red Dead Redemption of Liar’s Dice, an exciting gambling game based on popular dice games but without the fine edges of casino playing etiquette. This consecutive sequel of the popular game features ways in which players can cheat themselves by hiding aces up the Elegant Suits sleeve, which might result in an old fashioned duel the cowboy way

5. Dead Rising 2

There is an entire sub-quest in Dead Rising 2 that involves gambling away 100 thousand to save three survivors, which is a tough gamble seeing that the loot is hard-earned. Situated in the Fortune City Resort, the inclusion of a casino poker element to the hard-hitting title comes as no surprise, although there’s a lot of AI cheating involved. Winning the quest results in an extra 300 thousand alongside an essential item for the quest that stops characters from becoming zombies, aptly named a Zombrex. Inside the Fortune City Resort, the slot ranch casino features various slots, including the Giant Slots game, giving characters the option of playing for cash prizes.


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