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15 December 2019

The Crème of the MLS Crop

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Major League Soccer has snowballed in popularity recently, much to the delight of Canadian soccer fans. The league has been accumulating superstars from all over the globe for quite some time now, and MLS followers are tuning in each week to see these guys perform. And what’s more – the Canada Betting market is also gaining plenty of traction for MLS games.

If you follow the MLS and you enjoy spicing up the games with the occasional wager, this source could be exactly what you are looking for. Why not enjoy your favorite players and teams battle it out each week with a small wager on the side? Sport is sport, but when there is money on the line it get’s a little more interesting!

The 2019 / 2020 MLS season has been an intriguing one to say the least, and players are constantly pushing the boundaries for their performance. The pre-season build up had some serious hype, and the standard so far has lived up to the expectation of the fans.

We’ve taken notice of these high-performing players, and given them the acknowledgment that they deserve below.

Carlos Vela

The 30-year old Mexican striker has amassed 34 goals so far for Los Angeles F.C. in the 2019 / 2020 season. This puts him above even the legendary Zlatan Ibrahimovic! Vela has played over in Europe before joining the MLS in 2018, and it’s safe to say that he hasn’t looked back. Not only is he topping the chart in terms of goals this season, but he has also caught the attention of Barcelona F.C. since he has been in such insane form.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Ibrahimovic has been quite some player in his time, and his skills have clearly not declined too much given his performances in the MLS this season. Some of the goals that this man creates are just staggering, and it seems that bicycle kick goals are just another day at the office for Zlatan. He has been in intense competition with Carlos Vela this season to see who was the best in the MLS, but even Zlatan is 4 goals behind Vela. However, it is saddening that the great Zlatan has announced he will be leaving his team this season.

Carles Gil

This Spanish midfielder has created quite a stir amongst the MLS ranks since he arrived in January 2019. Gil did not waste any time either; he finished off his debut season with 14 assists and 10 goals. In the process of doing this, he earned himself the MLS best newcomer award as well as helping his team reach the league playoffs for the first time in 4 years. Gil remains the New England Revolution’s record signing at $2 million, and he continues to justify this spending with his performances on the field this season.

The MLS league really is heating up, with more and more prestigious players coming from Europe to find a new life in the USA. And despite what many think, it isn’t always European legends that make the leap towards the twilight of their careers. Many players are just sick and tired of leagues such as the Premier League simply being too competitive! As a professional player they want playing time, and this is precisely what the MLS is offering players today.


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