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23 December 2019

Boxing 101: Fitness Coach Gabriel Patterson on 5 Pitfalls Beginners Must Avoid

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Boxing is a fantastic sport for total fitness and athletic coordination. However, there are training mistakes that are common to beginners and can be harmful to physical health and progress in learning the skills required by boxing. Here, Winnipeg fitness and nutrition coach Gabriel Patterson discusses five of the most common training mistakes.

Don’t Ignore Your Pace Of Training

Some boxing beginners go all-out during every training session while others hardly press themselves at all. Progress is usually dependent on finding a pace in the middle and sticking to it. You should work on learning your different speeds. Your resting pace is the level you can maintain indefinitely without needing additional rest. Your maximum pace is the fastest you can go, which comes into play on limited occasions in the ring. Your actual fighting pace is the speed you go when planning out your energy expense through a full fight. Gabriel Patterson firmly believes that learning the proper combination of training at every pace is critical to success.

Don’t Neglect Exercises That Support Overall Fitness

Many beginners want to focus exclusively on the technical aspects of boxing training. This training is essential, but to get its full value, beginners must not overlook other fitness routines. Cardio training and exercises that promote flexibility and range of motion supplement all the ordinary boxing training methods that beginners must master.

Don’t Fall Out of Routine

Boxing training requires consistent effort at developing speed, endurance, coordination, and muscle memory. Working at the craft every few days or when it is convenient is a sure course to unsatisfactory results for beginners. Whatever your routine involves, it should be a seven day per week process that includes sparring, bag work, shadow boxing, jumping rope, running, and of course, rest. Every day of boxing work builds on everything that has gone before, and dedication to a routine is essential.

Don’t Lose Motivation

Boxing is a sport that provides immediate feedback every day. That can be a good thing and a bad thing. It is easy to stay motivated when you’re exceeding goals every time you hit the gym. The real test of long-term success is accepting immediate failures and taking responsibility when you fall short of a goal. Boxing allows you to address failure right away and to get right back to working on daily goals. When a beginner feels that they are hitting a wall, they should maintain focus on their next daily goal and keep moving forward.

Don’t Leave All Your Training At the Gym

Just because you are not at the gym for any reason does not mean that you cannot enjoy a mini-workout that will keep your training on track. When you have a few minutes and need to get some work in, develop a quick routine. You can jump rope without a rope almost anywhere you are. Although the feedback is different, the motion is the same and will get your blood flowing and help your endurance. Squats and squat-jumps also can be done anywhere and do not require any equipment. There is always time to get in a few old fashioned sit-ups and push-ups as well. When your agility and muscle memory needs a quick tune-up, develop a routine for some anywhere shadow boxing work. 

About Gabriel Patterson

Gabriel Patterson, originally from Winnipeg, Canada is a certified personal trainer and advocate for a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Gabriel supports his clients as they revamp their health and fitness routines. Mr. Patterson focuses his efforts on helping his clients rebound from sports-related injuries, build a solid foundation in fitness, and reach new heights.

His passion for living a productive and active lifestyle has led Mr. Patterson to educate his clients about the importance of regular exercise and incorporating a nutrient-dense diet. When he is not supporting his clients to become their best selves, Gabriel Patterson can be found spending time with his friends and family in Winnipeg.


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