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01 April 2019

Bond 25 in 2020: What We Know So Far

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The time has come. Put down your PlayStation remote, cash out of your mega moolah game, grab some popcorn and get ready for all things Bond. The long awaited, highly anticipated 25th instalment in the iconic James Bond franchise has hit the headlines recently as filming gets underway. In celebration of the big release next year, we’re here with a rundown of everything we know so far about James Bond 25…

2020 Release Date

After much speculation, it has been confirmed that the film is set to hit the big screen on the 8th of April 2020. This is two months later than the initial expected date, which was Valentine’s Day of the same year. Rumours have been surfacing that the delayed release is due to the producers wanting to secure Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o. The star is currently busy working on a number of other large projects and so could be delaying production until she is free to commit to filming.

Working Title

Back in February, Production Weekly, an industry publication, included a listing in its newsletter for “Bond 25 w/t Shatterhand”, suggesting the blockbuster hit is set to start shooting under the name Shatterhand. Of course, all film buffs will recognize this title as the alias used by supervillain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, from the novel ‘You Only Live Twice’.

Fans are questioning whether this new working title could mean we see the return of Blofeld himself. You may remember that Christoph Waltz’s character in the last Bond blockbuster – Spectre – was revealed to be Blofeld, so could we see Waltz making a comeback?

Return of Daniel Craig

Despite claiming that he wanted to “move on” from the legendary role back in 2015, it seems Daniel Craig will be retuning to play the British icon for the fifth time. However, the next release is set to be Craig’s last performance as 007. The rumour mill has been going into overdrive in recent years with speculation of who would step in to the role, but no confirmation has been made so far.

Norwegian Setting

James Bond 25 is thought to have started shooting in Norway in late March, with suggestions that a huge film sequence will be shot in the Nittedal municipality until early April. The new blockbuster has allegedly already faced backlash from environmentalists for their plans to erect buildings to be blown up in massive explosions for the movie. While the exact plot for the film remains unknown, if it can do for ski resorts what Casino Royale did for online casino sites, they’re set to profit massively from the release.

New Villain

As suggested by Variety, producers of the new film are hoping to land a recent Oscar winner as their villain. Rami Malek, widely recognised for his recent role as Freddy Mercury in the critically acclaimed Bohemian Rhapsody, is reportedly on the wish list for the iconic role. Initially, fans seemed skeptical as the shooting of the film would clash with the last season of Mr Robot, Malek’s hit television show. But delayed in the filming schedule have put him firmly back in the running for the coveted character.

For now, James Bond 25 is still shrouded in mystery. But, if rumours and true and speculation is right, it seems the next instalment in the world-famous franchise will be well worth the wait.

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