03 June 2018

A Beginner’s Guide to Apple TV

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If you’re all about the Netflix or the Hulu or the Beach Body On Demand (I don’t know you, maybe you’re, like, a healthy person!), Apple TV is the only way to survive. You can get one for like $100, install it into your HD TV and enjoy streaming on your widescreen TV with great cinematic sound effects and excellent picture quality. You can quickly browse through different live streaming sites that are supported by Apple TV like Netflix, iTunes, NHL, Hulu, and enjoy what you have been missing all this time. Read on to discover more on the easiest way to set up an Apple TV and stream live from your couch.

The first thing you need to do is to power up your device and connect it to your Apple TV using an HDMI cable. You will see the initial setup screen on your gadget. Choose your preferred language from the six different options. Select Remote or Device Control

You can either complete the process using an iDevice with the latest operating system version like iOS 7.0 or by the use of the Remote that comes alongside the Apple TV box.

Connect your phone or tablet to Wi-Fi and switch on your Bluetooth. Ensure that your device’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are fully functional and connected to the same network with your Apple TV. You will receive a warning alert will pop-up on your screen if the devices are not connected to the same network.

Connect both devices and log in your Apple account. Then, bring your iOS device in contact or close to your Apple TV box. Wait until you prompt alerts on both gadgets. You will be required to enter your Apple login credentials on your iOS device and choose whether the device should remember your password or not on iTunes. We suggest you choose Yes to avoid repeating the process every time. As well, the system will prompt you to decide whether you want your information to be sent back to Apple to help improve performance or not.

Keep your iOS device and Apple TV box close to each other. After the connection, your smart-box will start configuring all the necessary settings. Your device should not be further than 10 to 15 feet from your Apple TV during the configuration process, otherwise, your connection will be interrupted.

Add other devices. After the process is complete, the Home menu will be displayed on your screen. At this point, you can either use your Apple TV remote control or iOS-powered device to control your newly installed set-top box. If you have a wireless keyboard that you would like to use to control your device, it can be set up too. Simply go to the Home page, Setting, General and then Bluetooth to connect or activate.

Select your Wi-Fi. On the other hand, if you opt for the Apple Remote to set up your Apple TV, you will need to choose your Wi-Fi from the screen on your remote. Enter your network password and connect.

Practice how to navigate. The Apple remote has the Select button at the center, surrounded by the left, right, up and down keys. Below them, we have the Play/Pause and Menu buttons. You will have to use the direction button at all time to get what you need on the screen. Finally, use the Select button to choose your preferred option.

Setting up Home Sharing. Moreover, you will need to set up your Home Sharing with iTunes on your desktop when setting up your Apple TV. To do that, navigate to File, Home Sharing, and Turn on Home Sharing feature. At this stage, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password. You will need to turn on Home Sharing on each computer if you want to connect multiple devices.

With the gadget installed on your Apple TV, you rest assured of enjoying your favorite latest TV Shows and Movies any time you want.


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