28 April 2017

Streaming Across the Proverbial Wall

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If you are an avid Netflix viewer, cannot fall asleep without watching an episode of your favorite series, and for a couple of months you are sent abroad to complete a corporate project, we have two pieces of news for you: positive and negative. The good news is: apart from China, North Korea, Crimea and Syria, you get access to Netflix. The bad news is: the content of the streaming service differs country by country. The reason for that is that there are various licensing agreements and content restrictions in each and every country. Therefore, compared to the USA, other countries offer limited content.

The Limitations that Exist in Different Countries

You would think that Canada has the same number of films as the USA because Netflix was established there back in 2010. However, as of today, the variety of films that can be viewed in the USA exceeds Canada by almost a thousand titles. My current obsession, Documentary Now!, for example, is infuriatingly absent from Canadian Netflix. So the choice becomes VPN or live Hader-less? Not fair.

It is said that in Russia there are 8 times fewer films than in the USA. Netflix original House of Cards, which is one of the most popular series in the world, cannot be viewed there. Considering that Netflix in Russia was launched only at the beginning of 2016, that explains a rather poor choice of films. To our surprise, House of Cards is blocked in dozens of other countries across the globe, not only in Russia.

According to statistics, UK has 3900+ films on Netflix compared to 5335 movies available for view in the USA.

Plans for Expanding in Future

Reed Hastings, the founder of Netflix, stated that they are working on removing the territorial restrictions and hope to make the same content available across the globe. What is more, the streaming service aims at penetrating the Chinese market in the nearest future. This seems to be doable. Prior to 2016 Netflix was available only in 60 countries, and now you can watch most of your favorite films in 190 countries. This is a huge leap ahead. Considering that since the beginning of 2017 there have been 60 releases in the USA alone and the expansion of the original content, there is a bright future ahead of Netflix. And while we are waiting for all of the movies to become available across the globe, at least there’s VPN.

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